how uber drivers are scamming passengers daily

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how uber drivers are scamming passengers daily
how uber drivers are scamming passengers daily

It turned out that Uber drivers now use a fake GPS router to scam their unsuspecting passengers to pay as much as three times the usual fare. They install an app that works easily on androids and is not easily detected. An app called “Lockito” that can be downloaded from the google play store is what they use to perform this evil trick on innocent passengers.

One Uber driver who has his name undisclosed exposed this dubious trick. He gave the simple steps by which the app works. They download from play store, then Enable Developer Options by tapping on Build Number 7 Times from the settings, after which they then Enable Mock Location from Developer Options, then add a GPS itinerary, they tap and hold their present location as the start point, then they begin to tap and hold other points on the map to set the routes they are to follow.

After marking several points, they then go to mark the final destination. then they start off the journey to begin a movement through a supposed route. all these they do without even rooting their device. With this, the passengers pay more than they bargained for.

Though, this wicked act has not been said to work with Taxify, as disclosed by one of their drivers, its only surprised to find out that Uber could not detect this act that has been happening right within its camp. Its only advised that Uber enables Mock Location Detection in their Android App.  this will keep the integrity of the company and rescue the passengers from the hands of these fraudulent drivers.

Individual passengers should also make sure to check the route when next they board Uber.