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Apple inc. is (in)famously secretive, however like all companies it has to issue a list of patents to the USPTO ( United States Patent & Trademark Office) and these sometimes provide useful hints about its future products before the are officially unveiled. Apple has always sort ways to play smart by disguising its product patents with in-depth technicalities. Nonetheless, all you need is a little curious and sharp mind to decipher the cryptic messages hidden within these patents. In a long drawn review, techproducts brings you what the future holds for the iphone, drawing conclusions from comments from Apple executives, Apple patents and plain wild rumors. It may not come with the iphone 7 or 7s or there about, but chances are, it will definitely show up in the future iPhone – The Symbolic iPhone X.

This is a second part of a long drawn series on what future iphones will look like — Follow this link to the first featured slide

iPhone X will be Solar Charged

apple going green
Image credit: Macworld.com

Yes, you must heard one of those never ending climate change speeches from the UN. Well , Apple executives heard it too, thats why the curpertino based tech giant is going green and is comitted to a safer planet. In a patent filed in 2014 and granted this year, Apple reveals details of a possible plan to fit Solar panels underneath the touchscreen of the iPhone X. Energy storage devices such as a capacitor and a battery will be pumped full of electrical power during the day utilising ambient light and the electric juice will be available for use without the need to plug your phone into a wall socket. The idea is simple – Go Green, Save The Planet.
—-Verdict: less likely

iPhone x will not have a 16GB model

This is bound to happen sooner than later, it may even happen in next year’s iPhone 7 release. Apple is likely to ditch production of 16GB iPhone models for 32 GB , 64 GB and 128GB models. Therefore, the likelihood of an iPhone 7 without a cheaper 16GB model is highly plausible. Even if for some reasons apple decides to continue production of the 16GB model next year, the plan will almost certainly be scrapped in the next iPhone x release. Even the smallest Samsung Galaxy S6 phones offer twice as much storage as Apple’s cheapest iphone, yet still retails at lower price. If Apple is to keep up with its obvious rivals like Samsung in terms of phone storage capacity, offering more phone storage capacity is the next logical thing to do.
—-Verdict: highly likely

iPhone X will have a wrap around screen

iPhone x sidewall display
iPhone X concept image
Image credit: Michael Shanks / dribble.com

iPhone x wrap around screen
Apple has been considering a rather weird design concept for its future iPhone – a wrap around screen. Details of the design contained in its patent filed on October 24, 2014 and titled Electronic device with wrap around display reveals a design for a consumer electronic product (iPhone x) consisting of at least a transparent housing and a flexible display, with the flexible display assembly being configured to present visual content at any portion of the transparent housing. However, a wrap around display would make the iphone X significantly thicker and eventually defeat Apple’s drive towards slimmer IPhones.
—-Verdict: highly unlikely.

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