iPhone X Face Recognition

At the unveiling and launch of the brand new and flagship Apple Smartphone this year, talking about the much hyped and anticipated iPhone X. Its major distinguishing interest rising features were the phones’ accessorising in terms of its wireless charging capability and particularly its face ID and recognition unlocking.

During the discussion about the Apple Flagship smartphone in course of the launch and introduction of the iPhone X; Apple Incorporated boasted largely on a near flawless Facial recognition ID present in the iPhone X as an unbreachable security or phone intrusion check system. Unfortunately, it appears now that the quote and unquote flawless iPhone X Face ID system is really not that flawless as through very natural means the system appears to have breached.

Some sample of twins have been used to check the authenticity of the iPhone X Face ID system and the result turned out negative against Apple Inc. guarantee as the smartphone was some what fooled by each pair of identical twins. One twins face is set as the lock and open standard for the system then tried out with the face of the other twin which then happens unlock and lock back the iPhone X which should not be the case and there by rendering the system truly not worth it.

Although most of  the iPhone and Apple users and fans might not still find this deterring enough it is important to note that Apple did not deliver on its promise to make a Face ID system that will not be breach. Finally, this begs the question, is the fingerprint sensor not more secure?