Tinder, Tinder social, social forum

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Tinder, the app that is best known as a dating app now wants to be like Facebook: by becoming a social forum. They announced  the addition a new feature, Tinder Social, so that users of the app can get to meet each other and form social groups in and outside the app.

Tinder, Tinder social, social forum
Tinder Social

If you haven’t heard of Tinder, that could be because you have no time for online dating. Or if you do a bit of online dating, the reason could be because you never bothered to explore the possibilities of using smartphone apps as online dating tools.

Well, Tinder is one of the biggest dating apps in the world right now. Any list of the best dating apps would always have Tinder in the top three. And because the app is big, the numbers should be correspondingly big.

Tinder, Tinder social, social forum
Sean Rad, Tinder Founder

Here are some of the Tinder numbers if you are in doubt: Tinder has more than 50 million users and is being used in 196 countries around the world with more than 11 billion connections so far.

As a dating app, its success is determined by the number of matches. Here too, the number is big. Tinder makes about 26 million matches every day.

To use Tinder is very simple. First of all, you must have a Facebook account for it to make any sense. After downloading and installing the app on your phone, you need to link Tinder to your Facebook account in a single tap.

The app’s system then uses your Facebook details to start suggesting endless photos of people nearby who are also using Tinder by linking to their own Facebook details. To like a person, just swipe the photo to the right and in the opposite direction if you don’t like the person.

You get connected to a chatbox by Tinder if somebody you liked responded by liking you back. It is in the chatbox that everything is finalized between both parties. It is there you can exchange as much details about yourselves to each other. Basically, just get to know each other better, privately.

Tinder, Tinder social, social forum

Because Tinder is so successful in making matches, the best users don’t stay long on the app. Thing is, once you get hooked up with a partner, you won’t have any more reason to use the app. So to address the problem, Tinder created the social forum feature.

Read a bit of what Tinder said in announcing Tinder Social in a blog post:

Tinder has always been about getting you out of the house to meet someone new. But sometimes you want more than a party of two. Often your best nights are when you’re hanging with friends, someone makes an unexpected connection with someone in another crew, and your two crews have an amazing time together. Maybe you spark a romantic connection. Maybe you make new friends. Either way, a good night out with your friends becomes something better. That’s why we’re launching Tinder Social, a new platform that helps you plan your night out. We first test-launched Tinder Social in Australia, where we learned that people were looking for a better way to plan their night out with friends—tonight. For this launch, we’ve made changes to the feature to deliver a more real-time experience. People can see who’s going out tonight, what they’re up to, and plan their night, easily and efficiently—all on Tinder Social.”


Okay, here is the thing about Tinder Social. One good thing about Tinder is that it guarantees users anonymity when they decide to join the online dating scene. In fact, that is the major reason many people sign on to online dating sites.

But the way Tinder Social would operate means that users have to come out and show themselves. Not many people are comfortable with that. Especially people who are already married.

Because of that, I don’t see how Tinder Social can be successful. Though the Tinder team would have us think otherwise. According to them, it is the successful trial of Tinder Social in Australia that made them decide to introduce it to the global audience.

Well, we will see about that. Time would tell how that works out for them.


image credit: Tinder; forbes.com