best android iphone apps 2016

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It is that time of the year again where we look back and take stock of the year that is just about to end. As usual, apps played a major role in the world of tech.

best android iphone apps 2016
Best apps

Some apps came with lots of promises. Some fell by the way side after starting off with with a bang. The world of apps and softwares for digital devices is a cutthroat world where the margin of error is sometimes smaller that the width of a strand of hair.

It doesn’t require much for an app to fail. Conversely, a lot of work needs to be put in to make an app succeed. Most of the time at least.

Below is the list of apps that made it as the top apps in the the tough world of mobile apps. What is the likelihood that next year these apps would still be among the best apps available to users?

Except for a few, the list won’t change much by next year. In other words, the best apps have already put in the ground work to ensure their success for at least a couple of years more.

Enjoy the list. We hope the list opens your eyes to many fantastic apps you didn’t know about.

Note that the apps are not presented in ascending order or a descending scale of least best to the very best. The list was randomly put together.


best android iphone apps 2016

Signal is a messaging app that many people don’t really know about. The fact it makes our list must mean there must be something to it.

How about secure messaging for starters? While the likes of WhatsApp and others were battling with encryption, Signal was already one of the most secure messaging apps in the world.

It is the messaging apps of choice for politicians who care about privacy a lot. Other groups who prefer Signal because of its top of the line end-to-end encryption include global businessmen, high profile whistle blowers and people need secure messaging apps.

The app integrates perfectly with your contact list and can be used if you contact also has it installed.

It is free for both iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Go

best android iphone apps 2016
Pokemon Go

The way Pokemon Go took the world by storm, it is hard to believe it is just a mobile game leaning heavily on the basics of Virtual Reality.

The game broke and set so many records it is hard keeping up with them. The most relevant of these records are number of downloads and revenue of course.

And the app is still growing considering the fact that it is yet to be launched in several markets.

The makers of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs, would be punching themselves to see if they would wake up from a dream that started in July when the app was launched.

If you have a game crazy friend or family member who hates going out, give them Pokemon Go. Before you can say exercise, they’d be running all over the town getting the exercise they need as they play the game.

Yes, the game is the most exciting outdoor game played on a smartphone and it is also free to download and play. Though you might have to shell out a few pennies to move ahead in the game.


best android iphone apps 2016

Gboard is an iOS only app and that is a crying shame as the app is so useful.

Created by Google, Gboard turns Google search into a text conversation making it interesting, intuitive and very interactive. With Gboard, one can find answers to everyday questions like flight information, the nearest Uber pickup and restaurants right on the keyboard.

This keyboard app has Google search bar built where one type texts on a normal keyboard. It then trawls results across the Web and locations from Google Maps if that is what one is looking for.

The app is just 6 months old, but it showing a lot of promise. Google should do the world a favor and make a Gboard compatible with Android devices asap.

The recent update of Apple’s iMessage in September got its inspiration from Gboard. Guess Apple  felt threatened by the speed users adopted Gboard.


best android iphone apps 2016

Prisma is a free photo editing app for Android and iPhones. So what is so special about this when there are dozens of them in both Play Store and Apple’s iTunes .

Prisma though has so many features that would get you cooing with joy. There are tools for cropping, resizing and all sorts of filters.

If these sound mundane to you, what about the fact the filters are the sort professional film makers use and the complex coding of Prisma males it possible for you to turn your images and photos into serious art works.

Recently, Prisma was updated so that what you can do to images can also be done to your videos.

Because of the complexity of Prisma, it might take a while to get used to it. But it would be worthwhile at the end of the day.

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