Telecoms reject Phone calls tax

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Well, in my own opinion, I think the heat of the country’s economy which is currently in recession is enough to stop people from their loyalty to some or these telcos. The fact that there was an attempted increase in the price of data could also add to this. Well, thing is subscribers are reducing anyway.

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As we would know already, the biggest suspects and coys affected here would be MTN, Globacom, Etisalat and Airtel, being the four biggest telcos in the country. Each one of these companies were hit in different magnitudes.

MTN had 58.1 million users in April, but then lost 2.2 million subscribers which leaves them with around 56 million. ; while on their own hand, Glo had 37.2 million customers, lost 58,727 subscribers; Airtel had 34.3 million subscribers, and lost 319,803; and Etisalat had 19 million customers, lost 576,120 subscribers.

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Dissecting this breakdown, we would wonder why Globacom Was The lowest hit. Well, by my theory, I’d say that since most people are concerned about data, and Globacom’s data rates are the most friendly of all, then I think that is why they have lost a relatively less number of subscribers than the others.

Though, we cannot just conclude that MTN has the harshest data rates as we have to put into consideration that their total number of subscribers nearly doubles that of Globacom. Though, reports says that Globacom wants to acquire Etisalat.

The Analysis showed that across all the four categories of subscribers, such as GSM, the code division multiple access (CDMA) and fixed wired/wireless operators, as well as Voice Over Internet protocol (VoIP), only GSM segment was responsible for the crash in the subscriber base.

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This trend is on an upward spiral as March subscribers data as released by NCC revealed that Telcos lost 1.66 million subscribers generally and now, we are surprised that subscribers data shows that Telcos lost 5.6 million subscribers in April. What could be wrong here?



  1. They should work on this otherwise they loose more. I use to subscribe with AIRTEL sim for 1 month within two weeks the MB is finished why won’t dey loose customer. They she seat down and reason Glo I was thinking is reaching there suddenly turn back on their customer.

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