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Tecno Spark K9 can be seen a big brother to Tecno Spark K7. Most OEM such as Infinix would have named the smartphone a ‘Pro’ version, that is, Tecno Spark K7 Pro but that’s what Tecno did. Tecno instead, gave the smartphone a unique name but that doesn’t take the smartphone away from the Tecno Spark series.
Here is another smartphone from the treasure chest of Tecno, the Tecno Spark K9. Tecno Spark K9 is termed the big brother to Tecno Spark K7 because it has better features than the Tecno Spark K7. The design is very much the same. In semblance with the Tecno Spark K7, Tecno Spark K9 has some features that are sure to make indelible marks in the market. It’s good to note that the shortcomings that were found in the Teno Spark K7 have been upgraded in the Tecno Spark K9. I’ll do a quick briefing of the Tecno Spark K9 strong points and also the shortcoming.

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It also has a rear camera of 13MP just like the Tecno Spark K7. Its design is also a classy one that makes you fall in love with it, with the difference in display size acting as the difference to the Tecno Spark K7. There’s also the presence of a fingerprint sensor that every in-the-know person wants to make use of. The operating system is also Android 7.0 Nougat. The shortcoming of Tecno Spark K7 which was its battery capacity has been made more modest in the Tecno Spark K9. The battery capacity is 3,400mAh. Another shortcoming that has been upgraded in this smartphone is the RAM category, which is now 2GB.

As the popular saying goes, “there’s a good to every bad, and there’s a bad to every good”, there’s also a bad to this smartphone. This time around, it’s the reverse of the Tecno Spark K7. The price of Tecno Spark K9 is not as affordable as Tecno Spark K7. This is actually the major shortcoming.

The display of Tecno Spark K9 is a large one with its 6.0 inches size, which is 0.5 inches larger than the Tecno Spark K7. This larger size makes it a game-changer among the smartphones that have their large size as a cutting edge in the smartphone market. The screen display resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. This display resolution carries the same genetic makeup as the Tecno Spark K7. A 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution would have been the perfect upgrade. However, the 1280 x 720 resolution pixels is good enough for the clarity of texts and icons on the device. It has the IPS display type just like Tecno Spark K7.

The design of this Tecno smartphone is one of its strong points, as I said earlier. The smartphone has a rectangular shape, as well as the perfectly carved edges that has zero different with the Tecno Spark K7. The Tecno Spark K9 has a comfortable feel in hand. Its fingerprint sensor is located at the back of the smartphone towards the top region but under the camera region. The rear camera is placed in a very cool pattern with its LED flash accompaniment. The rear camera is located at the top left corner of the smartphone. The front-facing camera is located at the top bezel on the left hand side of the earpiece with the LED flash inches away from it. The proximity sensor is also located at the top bezel, on the right hand side of the earpiece. The volume button is located on the right hand side of the smartphone alongside the power button. The audio jack is located at the top of the smartphone, which is the norm of smartphones. The smartphone comes in different colour variants which are Champagne Gold, Phantom Black, Coral Blue and Metallic Red.

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The camera department of Tecno Spark K9 is also another strong point of the smartphone. Smartphones’ rear cameras that are less than 8MP in this dispensation of smartphones are been shoved aside. All I’m implying is that smartphones above 8MP are the real deal. Well, 8MP cameras too are good to go for the rear region. Tecno Spark K9 has a camera quality of 13MP at its rear. The camera also has features such as HDR, panorama, face detection and auto focus detection. Do you think I’ll forget to add that the rear camera has a LED flash for brightening of images? Nope. It actually has a rear camera with a LED flash for brightening images. The front-facing camera is also a classic one as it bags a 5MP sensor as well as a LED flash to enable taking beautiful selfies in both off-light and on-light conditions.

The processor of the smartphone has 8 cores, that is, Octa-Core processor. That is also a very impressive one from the smartphone OEM. The processor speed is 1.3GHz. This isn’t among the big boys of processor speed. So, therefore the Tecno Spark K9 is still in the same processor speed category with Tecno Spark K7. A 2.0GHz would have just made the processor of this smartphone bae.

The operating system of the Tecno Spark K9 is an Android OS, just like the Tecno Spark K7 counterpart. The amazing thing about the smartphone is that it also utilizes the latest OS from Android – Android 7.0 Nougat just like the Tecno Spark K7. It’s interesting to see most of these smartphones in the Nigerian market utilizing the latest Android OS in their smartphones. Tecno Spark K9 and Tecno Spark K7 are permitted to be termed twins in this category.

Tecno Spark K9 has a battery capacity of 3,400mAh. The 3,400mAh battery capacity is a 400mAh step up from the 3,000mAh of the Tecno Spark K7. 3,400mAh is good enough for average smartphone users and light smartphone users alike. Heavy smartphone users will find the battery capacity an attractive one because it is more durable than the Tecno Spark K7.


The internal memory has a storage capacity of 16GB with similarity to the Tecno Spark K7. The 16GB capacity is good enough for the storage of files such as music, videos, images as well as documents. The internal memory capacity can also be extended to 32GB with the aid of a micro SD card. The RAM category of Tecno Spark K9 has been well improved. The RAM is now double the RAM of the Tecno Spark K7, that is, 2GB. The 2GB RAM is just enough for the smooth running of apps and the sleek switching between the apps. So, there’s no doubt that the big bro of Tecno Spark K7 (Tecno Spark K9) is faster than Tecno Spark K7.

TECNO Spark K9 also has a dual SIM functionality. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct and hotspot are made available. FM Radio is also present on the smartphone.

Other features of Tecno Spark K9 include: the fingerprint sensor (located at the top region of the rear of the smartphone), the proximity sensor (located at the top bezel of the smartphone), light sensor.

The price of Tecno Spark K9 in Nigeria ranges between NGN35,000 to NGN40,000.


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