Though startups have not been exposed to funding from investors and capitalist in Africa like other advanced countries. But some startups like Andela and other lucky ones have been able to scale out of this biggest hurdles to innovation, creativity and expansion in the tech world. Here, at TechProducts, we are compiling the list of startups, the amount of funding, where the fund was received/raised from, and if possible in our advanced table, the lead investors for each of the startups. Each Startups has link to where we have analysed the company, and what they do. TechProducts is the leading tech news in Africa, and we will not stop adding new features to our Tech news for the world to consume.


Startups Funding In Africa, Amount Raise And Series

All Startups Name/Startups NameSeries ASeries BSeries C
OMG Digital$1,100,000
This table shows the latest startups and amount raise and in what series the fund are raise, and who is the lead investor in the startups. This our new feature is new and trust to add more to it