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The struggle between Uber and Taxify in the Nigerian market can only be compared to that of Facebook and Snapchat in the world market. Just that I this case, the underdog can be said to be winning the war.

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In recent times, when Taxify adjust prices to lesser rates, it is always observed that Uber wastes no time in doing the exact same thing. The, they do to check competition between themselves which can be described as the two most popular cab hailing platform in the country.

Taxify has again reduced prices of fares and “While lowering the prices, we’ll be compensating our drivers with bonuses, to compensate the difference. Our focus is to provide drivers with better revenue per ride and keeping them happy with earnings and support we provide, which leads to ultimately better service for clients.”

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Well, I was about to scream on behalf of their drivers, but then, I think they have all of that taken care of. I did not want all of that Uber drivers story to happen again.

What is even more surprising about all this is that Taxify’s prices, before this reduction was lower than Uber. And they still went ahead to reduce it further, which makes me wonder if they would be making as much profit out of it.

Checkout previous fares of Taxify, and the current one.


Base Fare – 360 Naira

Distance –  81Naira /Km

Time      –  8Naira / Min

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Base Fare -200 Naira

Distance –  55 Naira /Km

Time      –  5 Naira / Min

Since this news emerged, everyone has been predicting that Uber would respond as swiftly as possible. Well, come join me as we patiently wait for this to happen.