Samsung to lose $17 billion over note 7 debacle

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My first question here is why would anyone still be using a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unit at this time despite all the risks they know they are putting themselves at. Well, i guess we’ve been through all that before now, so its time to leave them all to their deeds. Still yet, in no time, no single individual would be using a Note 7 unit in the whole universe.

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Some weeks ago, Samsung announced its intention to send out an OTA update that killed the Note7’s ability to charge in the US. T-Mobile was the first carrier to schedule the update, and now it’s rolling out. Any remaining Note7 devices on Tmobile will soon be put out of their misery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Recall that several Note 7 units have experienced battery explosions in the past month. Two recalls have been made with none of them serving as a remedy to the problem and now, over 90% of the Galaxy Note 7 units are with their daddy – Samsung Mobile.

But then, we’re not concerned about the 90%, we’re very concerned about the remaining 10% that can still cause potential property and human damage out there. This is where this OTA update comes to play and T-Mobile has come to our rescue.

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According to them, The latest update will disable the battery’s charging ability completely. That means it won’t hold a charge after the battery is drained following the update. T-Mobile has posted the details of the update, which is version number N930TUVU2APL2. In addition to preventing charging, the update will produce a prominent on-screen notification of the recall.

So let me quickly make an unofficial announcement on behalf of the makers of the Note 7.

Please if you’re out there and you still have a Galaxy Note 7 unit in your possession, be informed that what you are having is a potential risk to you and your neighborhood as it could as well pass for a grenade or a C4. It would be better if you return it to the makers and exchange for a real smartphone.

Samsung SDI battery

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If this is not done in due time, I am sorry to inform you that if your phone unit battery is drained, you will no longer have the opportunity to charge it again. Please be wise.


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