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I said in an earlier post that ‘technology surely has no limit’ if we are to look at it critically, and this post would do nothing less than emphasizing that same point.

Meizu has in the real sense of the word, shocked the whole world when it announced Super mCharge technology at MWM2017. All things been equal, if I were to pick a phone maker that’d even attempt something like this, heaven knows I’d pick Gionee – obviously because of the sterling reputation when it comes to smartphone batteries. But then, its not all about that.


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Super mCharge is rated at 55W (at 11V/5A), which is definitely more power than Motorola’s 28.5W TurboPower and Qualcomm’s 18W Quick Charge 3.0 methods.

If we were to take Meizu’s words seriously, then we’d conclude that’s enough to fully charge a 3000mAh Super mCharge-rated battery in just 20 minutes, which is nothing short of impressive especially given the height of our present day technology.


I seriously, am appreciative of the fact that technology is actually breaking boundaries. Please permit me to refer to to a post on a smartphone which can be used to test men’s fertility. Yea, that’s how far technology can go.

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The mCharge technology was demonstrated at Meizu’s headquarters in the presence of a visiting Taiwanese reporter. Who, as expected would give an independent report of how everything went down.

So according to the Taiwanese reporter, he was able to record only 18 minutes and 12 seconds as the time it took a phone to go from 0 to 100%. The reporter also noted there was no heat despite the super quick charge delivered is a short duration.

Meizu has also promised that Super mCharge batteries will only reach around 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than the 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit that it claims Quick Charge 3.0 batteries can reach.

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I know a whole lot of people would be skeptical about the usage of such batteries, given how fast it charges and recalling the Samsung’s Note 7 saga. But again, looking at the greater good, I think Super mCharge is the way to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing new smartphones inculcating the latest Super mCharge batteries. We’re waiting.