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Have you ever thought you owned something, only to find out that in the eyes of the law, we don’t? Well, this just happened to big hardware company, Apple. The company which was founded by Steve Jobs does not even have the right to the name “Steve Jobs” as it stands now. Very funny, isn’t it?

An Italian clothing company which is called “Steve Jobs” has surprisingly won a trademark battle against Apple. As a result, they can now use the iPhone creator’s name and apple-inspired logo on whatever they please. You need to checkout their logo whose concept is obviously drawn from Apple’s just like the name (of the company), but the court in Italy doesn’t think same way.

Two Italian brothers, Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato, after noticing that Steve Jobs’ name wasn’t trademarked in 2012, they then decided to use the name for their company. Before now, for a few years now, Apple has legally fought the brothers over this particular logo. The logo features a J that looks like an apple with a bite out of it. If you are conversant with Apple, you’ll know that their logo features an apple with a bite out of it too.

According to the brothers, speaking with Business Insider said a judge ruled that because it’s a letter, “it can not be a bite,” mirrored after the Apple logo.

In 2014, the European Union Intellectual Property Office registered the name for the Italian designers. Business Insiders also reported that the brothers only recently registered the name globally.

Presently, the brothers already make jeans with “Steve Jobs” emblazoned on the label, they say the brand was “born absolutely for electronics.” To this end, many people have hinted that there could be a “Steve jobs” smartphone coming up real soon. What do you think about that?