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Spotify’s Discover Weekly is a good example that hacking can have very good, even if, unintended consequences. Now, because of a hack project gone right, over 100 million users of Spotify expect a collection of 30 songs curated in a custom made playlists for each user every week. These freshly minted 30 tracks arrive each Monday morning just like a hot coffee just waiting for you before you get off to work. According to Spotify, Discover Weekly has been used by over 40 million users who have together streamed over 5 billion tracks.

discover weekly

One reasons we don’t hear about Spotify that much in Nigeria is because the service is not yet available in the country. But of course, people have a work around for this. A good VPN service to change your location can help you enjoy it if you are so inclined. I think for a music streaming and podcast service founded ten years ago, it is a big oversight that some countries are still excluded from enjoying the service legally. Look at how Netflix suddenly become a world leader in video streaming when it expanded to all regions of the world. Perhaps, the Swedish and London based Spotify are not really interested in increasing their revenue. But again the reason could be more than just pecuniary

Launched just last year as the ‘ultimate personalized playlist’,  Discover Weekly has had a phenomenal growth in such a short time. Proving the point that people generally enjoy their music. Especially, if it is served to them hot and fresh every Monday morning. The Discover Weekly team announced this milestone in a bullish manner. Hear them:

You heard that right. Thanks to over 40 million listeners who love Discover Weekly, nearly 5 billion tracks have been streamed since it launched in July of 2015. Updated every Monday morning, Discover Weekly gives you the best-ever music recommendations, tailored specifically to you and delivered as a weekly mixtape of awesome, completely personalized music. You now officially have a reason to look forward to Mondays!

Discover Weekly isn’t just about giving listeners personalized music; it’s also benefiting artists and helping them to be, well, discovered. There are over 8,000 artists for whom more than half of their listeners in the last month were from Discover Weekly alone.”

discover weeklyThis recent achievement by Discover Weekly came just at the right time for the financial results to be released. The latest finances from Spotify show an appreciable growth in revenue. That is just over $2 billion. Though a little dampener to that is the fact that the firm is yet to turn in a profit. On the other hand, compared to last year losses grew by just 8%. But with that sort of revenue in an industry where it is hard to turn a profit, Spotify could easily increase revenue if they can leverage on other aspects of the business like placing video ads. Or more importantly, extending their services to places like Nigeria where the market is big.

From the release by Spotify about Discover Weekly, over 20 million users of Discover Weekly listen to 10 tracks a week. That is out of the 30 tracks send to them. While at the same time saving at least one of the songs to their favorites playlist. This stat, plus some of the other ones, is designed to show how Spotify and Discover Weekly are giving a boost to the careers of up and coming artists.

However, the criticisms against music streaming services like Spotify and YouTube are still valid. It is all about the royalty paid to artists which many think is a rip-off. The fact is, these criticisms are really affecting the ability of Spotify to expand their business the way they want to. For instance, the biggest stars in the industry don’t allow their music on Spotify. And one major attraction for people is the star quality of the line-up.

I bet Spotify would give anything for another hacker to happen on another popular product like Discover Weekly. This could just be the thing that pushes their account from red to black.


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