First startup lab in a Nigerian university - Hebron labs

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The song by Naeto C which goes “Levels don change now, them no fit call me again cos I’m ten over ten, levels don change now, them no fit call me again, cos I’m ten over ten, shikena shikena, shikena o, shikena shikena shikena o” is the song that must be playing on the minds of SpeedUPAfrica’s board of directors.

As the lyrics of the song entail, SpeedUPAfrica has moved to a whole new level. SpeedUPAfrica alias “Africa’s Most Epic Founder Bootcamp” has now moved to the level of being an entrepreneurial academy. Now the question: What is SpeedUPAfrica?

SpeedUPAfrica is an organization that aims to transform startups in Africa by providing startups with mentorship, training, workshops and investments. SpeedUPAfrica aims to give startups “SpeedUps”.SpeedUPAfrica is an organization that organizes startup programmes.

The first SpeedUPAfrica event was held last year in Ghana at the Ramada Resort – no, I didn’t say Ramadan. 86 startups in Africa were selected out of the 94 startups that applied for the competition. The 86 startups received a lot of benefits which ranged from mentorship classes, office hours, workshop and even tool kits worth $100,000. Following the finale of the programme, DraperDarkFlow (DDF), Toro Orero Managing Partner at DDF, and the legendary Tim Draper, gave out funds to eight startups which included VeriCampus, Nurlux and Dropbuddies from Nigeria.

From our learnings and experiences from SpeedUPAfrica and my personal crazy learning adventure, we are evolving from being just an “event” to becoming an full blown entrepreneurial academy. We’re excited to announce: African Startup Institute,”  Toro Orero, one of the investors at the first SpeedUPAfrica said.

The sophomore edition of SpeedUPAfrica is scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria next month. This edition will run for a span of one month. It will feature successful entrepreneurs across the African continent.

The SpeedUPAfrica academy will not be age-specific or industry-specific meaning that entrepreneurs from any region can attend the academy. Features such as SpeedUPAfrica’s workshops, peer-to-peer training, one on one investors meetings and diverse fields such as Technology, Scale and Capital, Business, et al will be integrated into the academy’s curriculum.

Once more, congratulations SpeedUPAfrica!



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