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Perhaps you don’t have enough money to buy the latest Android smartphone from Tecno, with its Marshmallow operating system. As matter of fact, you might have stopped upgrading your phone as far back as the Android Jelly Bean Stage. Stuck with an old device that does everything except that is so awfully slow. The bad news for you is that in a few months time, your Jelly Bean or earlier Android version is going to become further antiquated. Google is set to release the latest version of the Android operating system this summer. It is to be called Android N. The rumors are that N would stand for Nutella.

Android, device

The good news for you is that many people are still on old versions of Android. Google release upgrades to the OS so fast that many have already given up on upgrading their phones. And further good news is that your device being slow is also common. It happens to all devices as they get older. And the icing on the good news front is that, there is something you can do about your slow Android device. So until you get enough funds to upgrade to the latest phone, these are the things you can do to speed up your old android device.

Do Something About Cached Files and Data

Do something actually means just one thing. Clear the cache. Over time, downloading , installing , using and deleting all sorts of apps including games leave cached data in the device memory. Over time the cached data pile up and slow down the loading time of the apps. Invariably slowing down the device. These cached data are junk files. Deleting them has no negative effect on your phone. Instead you get back a good chunk of storage space. Ultimately, speeding up the device.

Deactivate Apps and Files you Don’t Need

It is common, in the course of using an Android device, to have installed apps we hardly ever use. Also most Android phones come pre-installed with ads you’ll never use. These are generally referred to as bloatware. Some cannot be uninstalled without harming the device. The best bet in this case is to look for softwares that can disable or deactivate them. This frees up your memory.

For those apps you installed but hardly use, simply uninstall them to free up storage space and RAM.

Update, Update, Update

This isn’t about getting a new phone. It is about updating your old device’s software. Updating the software achieves a lot of things at once

  • you get a better functioning OS
  • bugs-fixes normally come with every update
  • security fixes also are part of a new update
  • updates make the device work like new

Before updating your OS, you have to back up your most important files. Also, updating some apps in the device would make them perform better. Sometimes the only thing to do to fix a misbehaving app is just to perform an update which involves downloading and installing the latest version of that app.

Do Away With Live Wallpapers and Widgets

Cool live wall papers are the things you did and enjoyed when you first bought the device. With time these wall papers and widgets help slow down your Android device. Be brave. Somethings don’t last forever. Delete them asap.

Get Good Memory Cards

If the memory card you inserted in your phone is of low quality,it can affect the performance of apps installed on it. Even some memory cards that came with the device can deteriorate after a while due to the low quality. Using a high speed, high quality memory card would go a long way in solving the problem of low performance of your device

Optimize Your  Battery

As phones get older, the battery becomes weaker. It is a known fact that phones perform optimally when there is enough power in the battery. Optimizing battery can be done by enabling battery saving mode in the device. This way the device shuts down apps that are not in use when necessary.

So while you are still livid with Google rushing to bring out new Android OS, put on your thinking cap and enjoy your old phone. At least until you get money to buy the latest phone. Or you could buy very good Android at very low prices in the mean time.


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