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Nicknamed the world’s smallest smartphone, Unihertz Jelly has arrived into the smartphone series with rather something unique as well as demeaning so to say.

The unique feature which isn’t that favorable in the eyes of every individual is the extra small size – 2.45 inch! While such a feature might scare you and tell you it’s a no-no. The smartphone makers have added one whooping feature that might make you re-think. It offers a 4G network technology. You might say that doesn’t make up for the small size, but think of it, not all large screen size smartphones have this feature – 4G.

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The smart device’s battery is 950mAh. It’s very disheartening, right? But taking a look at its small display size, you realize the battery will last long. The battery uses over 10 hours talk time during its testing.


Even with the small size, the 2.45-inch smartphone comes with a 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory. Yes, you will argue that the RAM size is way too small; I wouldn’t disagree. That’s why the smartphone makers have gone all out in their prowess to make a Jelly Pro with not just a 2GB RAM but also a 16 GB internal memory. Now, how do you like that?


To stamp its foot amidst the smartphone big boys, – I’m being sarcastic here- Jelly comes with the latest Android version and that is the Android v7.0 Nougat. Size is becoming a factor that can be overlooked if I’m not wrong.


It works with the Quadcore 1.1GHz.

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Don’t be shocked, Jelly has an 8 MP rear camera with a LED flash. This is cool! The selfie camera isn’t that bad either, as it is a 2 MP camera size.


The strong point of the smart device is its 4G network type. As expected, it also supports the 2G and 3G network types.

The device is a blend of both adorable and dislikeable. However, the super portable smartphone can function as a feature phone. So, it isn’t that bad after all.