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A very unfamiliar smartphone will be brought to your screens this Saturday morning. The name of the smartphone is Imose Bam. From the name, you’ll have a feeling it’s an entry level device. The smartphone was manufactured by Imose. Its features such as the 4.0 inches display screen size as well as its 3MP camera size makes it extremely qualified to be called an entry level device.
The screen display size is 4.0 inches. This is a really low display screen size but not a bad one for an entry level device. Going below that display size would have been catastrophic. The screen display type is the FWVGA LCD. That’s a very unusual and low quality display size. Its display density is also low as it bags a 400 x 800 pixels per inch.
Next up is its operating system. The operating system is what makes it attractive. In as much as it isn’t the latest Android OS, the OS is still one that one can make do with it. It operates on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
The CPU for this device is Quad-Core SC7731 processor. It’s interesting to see an entry level smartphone having a four-core processor. The operating speed of the processor is 1.2GHz. Well, that’s not a bad one because even some flagship smartphones are even at that processor speed.
The camera department is one that gives it a full touch down at its entry level status. The primary camera holds a 3MP sensor along with a LED flash for brightening of images. At the front region, that is, for the selfies, the camera has a sensor of 1.3MP without the support of a LED flash.
The battery capacity of Imose Bam is 1,800mAh. No more, no less. Not even a fast charging feature was added to the device’s build-up.
The internal memory of Imose Bam is pegged at 4GB for the storage opf music files, video files, documents and images. The internal memory can also be extended up to 32GB with the aid of a micro SD card. The 1GB RAM of the device is a good one, considering the status of the device.