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Fero Royale J1 is another fine piece of art from the studio of Fero Mobile. Fero Royale J1 proudly belongs to the Fero Royale series. Another smartphone from the series is the Fero Royale A1. Fero Royale J1 has a cute design as well as a good storage capacity. However, there are some shortcomings that can be attributed to the device. Most noteworthy of its shortcoming is its low battery capacity.
The display screen of the Fero Royale J1 is sized at 5.0 inches. This is the average screen size expected from a smartphone in this era. The 5.0 inches display screen has a display type known as the IPS capacitive touchscreen and a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels to its name.
The chipset used in the Fero Royale J1 is the MediaTek MT6735. Its CPU is the Quad-Core Processor with a processor speed of 1.3GHz.
Of course, as you would have expected, it runs on the Android OS. However, the Android OS version it runs on is not the Android OS version you dreamed of. The Android OS version it operates on is the Android v5.1 Lollipop.
This is also another decrier. The battery capacity of the smartphone is 2,00mAh. That’s an extreme low. Exceptionally light smartphone users will find this battery capacity comfortable to use. For the average and heavy smartphone users, a power bank of large battery capacity that can charge the smartphone four times full will be the best solution to this problem.
Fero Royale J1 was bestowed with a primary camera of 8MP, as well as a LED flash for off-light and on-light conditions. Features such as HD and autofocus detection are enabled on the camera. The front-facing camera for the selfies is exceptionally low. Its camera sensor quality is 2MP with a LED flash to make the images brighter.
This refers to both the RAM and internal memory. The internal memory of the smartphone is 8GB. The 8GB internal memory can be extended to a higher capacity such as 128GB with the aid of a micro SD card. The RAM of the device is 1GB. The 1GB capacity is at the low region, but is good enough for the sleek running of applications.