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A South African Telecommunications giant known as Telkom had early this year in March acquired a hundred and thirty million Rands in services from a total of forty black owned technician businesses making job opportunities available to about three hundred and sixty four people last in 2016 – cited by Telkom Future makers head Litha Kutta.

Through an email sent to Ventureburn’s Kutta it was explained that the telecommunications company also assisted four black owned Telkom Express stores, set up eleven black – owned dealers and supported 24 hours internet cafes. He went on to say the purpose is to establish black owned sales and distribution partners to let the telecommunications company to diversify its revenue channels, access the informal market and better the product access alongside brand prominence in regions with low recognition.

The FutureMakers programme has free peer – to – peer training in coding skills through its WeThinkCode, Telkom also encourages business incubation services by means of Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town, Tshimologong in Johannesburg and Propella in Port Elizabeth.

Mr Kutta of Ventureburn also noted that “The hubs support over 1 000 technical entrepreneurs through virtual and physical incubation, business development support, hot desks, technology events, connectivity and market access,”  He also continued expressing that to meet up for support from the programme businesses should worst-case scenario should be at least fifty one percent (51%) black – owned and could either be  an exempt micro enterprise with return of less than fifty million Rands annually.

Also in September this year the Telkom company BCX began SpliceWorks which is an online business enablement Rostrum created to link South African Tech entrepreneurs with the business partners that will transform the industry.

Kutta commenting on SpliceWorks said “SpliceWorks is a great tool to connect your innovative idea with an ecosystem of businesses that are part of the Telkom network that can give your product or service the support it needs to move forward and scale,”.

He continued saying “to become part of the SpliceWorks ecosystem, startups should begin by accessing the online platform and completing a personal, business and solution profile.” “This will determine where your business fits into the five-stage certification process. As businesses progress through each stage, they unlock complimentary valuable business development assistance and expertise through our network partners.”