Son's Face Unlocks Mom's iPhone

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Son's Face Unlocks Mom's iPhone
Son’s Face Unlocks Mom’s iPhone

Several people have tried different means to bypass the security system of the iPhone X since it first came into the market with the FaceID. It has proved abortive except that Apple said it can only be done by 2 siblings under the age of 13 and identical twins, but we see a new video displaying how a boy bypassed this security system on his mom’s phone and unlocked it at first try and also did same on his dad’s phone.

The mother then registered her face under a different lighting system and it the boy couldn’t access the phone anymore, she then returned the FaceID to the former lighting and the boy was able to bypass it in an instant. Although Apple confirmed that it’s more secure to use Face ID than Touch ID, many have been developing questions as to the false positives not only occurring with twins and siblings of the same age, but with people of different sexes and ages.

Reports have since been sent to Apple on this and we await their response to it.