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The concluding part of how “not to be like Mark Zuckerberg will focus on two more things you can do about ensuring the safety of your social accounts.

social accounts

You may think taking more precautions after the first part of this piece is an overkill. However, even if you’re really careful, one of the facts of life is that mistakes are bound to happen. For instance, old social accounts you’ve totally forgot you had, could be hacked and the details in them could be used to hurt you very badly. Even connecting to a Wi-Fi network can be a huge mistake. Because sending information over an innocent looking Wi-Fi connection can be used by hackers as a portal to steal those details. So a bit of advice for you, never ever connect to just any Wi-Fi. Especially dubious looking ones.

Two-factor Authentication

social accountsThese days, the use of Two-factor authentication is becoming more popular. Social forums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter use it. Gmail, Amazon and others are also using it. It involves the use of your phone number in addition to your password before your account can be accessed. If you sign up to it, you are required to submit your phone number. Let’s say a hacker tries to access any of your social accounts using an unfamiliar device from an unfamiliar location, the Two-factor authentication kicks in. The system would require an additional code. The code is send to your phone number as a text message. Without the code, accessed is denied.

But of course, a determined hacker can still get your phone number and clone it for the job. But no need to worry though. No hacker would go that far unless you have something very valuable stashed in your social accounts. For us ordinary mortals, we are just trying to make life difficult for hackers.

Get a Password Manager For Your Social Accounts

social accountsThis is one app you just need to install on your device. Maybe you complaint was that there are just too many passwords to remember. Sometimes, one can’t even remember usernames let alone passwords.

This is where a good account/password manager comes in. The password manager automatically stores all your details in its vault. That way, all you need do is open the manager to see password you stored and can’t easily remember. The use of a good password manager reduces your password problems to just one. All you have to do is  just memorize the password of just one account. That is, the password of your password mananger is the only password you need to commit to memory. So you are free to make it as complicated as you want.  There are several free accounts managers out there that can do the job for you. LastPass, LogMeOnce, 1U Password manager, Norton Identity Safe, and OneID are some of the good ones out there. You can get give any one a shot. Pick the one that works best for you.

I guess you can pinpoint the issue with the use of a password manager. If the password of you manager is stolen, or if your password manager is hacked, you get in a bit of trouble as it means the hacker now has access to all your account details. That is why it is important that you choose a very strong password for your password manager. That point cannot be repeated enough. And for additional security for your password manager, find a good place to store it (the password) outside your computer or mobile device. And never share it with anyone.

Now, you’ve gone and done all that. Good. But there is a little caveat though. No account is unhackable. That point was made earlier. All you’d now achieve though is that what happened to Zuckerberg is unlikely to happen to you. Not a chance.


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