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For a few weeks now, hacking of social accounts is the dominant online news. The world was just getting used to the Tumblr accounts dump on the dark web when the the news hit that even LinkedIn suffered the same fate with millions of social accounts details that were sold for less than $200.

social accounts

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, became the biggest name so far whose social account was hacked. This followed a slew of revelations that top figures in the entertainment and business community were also victims of the hack. The names included Katy Perry whose twitter account was hacked just over a week ago; Keith Richards, Tenancious D and Kylie Jenner have all had their Twitter accounts taken over. Even the dead are not spared in this social accounts hacking blitz as the late late Ryan Dunn also had his twitter account hacked. I guess being dead would have made the hackers’ job easier though. And useless at the same time.

The question now is, if a top tech boss like Zuckerberg could have his social accounts hacked, who then is safe from the hackers. Nobody apparently. But the thing to understand from the Zuckerberg affair was that he made the work of the hackers very easy. Apparently he used the same passwords for his Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Which unfortunately, is a common error. Out of laziness, and in a bit not to have too many passwords, people tend to use the same passwords for different social accounts. That is wrong.

And what is right is to follow these tips to help secure your various social accounts. They are not hacked-proof. But the tips would make it very hard for all your social accounts to be hacked. With the tips, you can be sure that you won’t wake up someday to see all your social accounts details up for online auction on the dark Web.

Choose a Good Password for all Your Social Accounts

social accountsMost active Internet users with several social accounts know that choosing a good password is very important. Sadly though, even with that knowledge, people tend to go for the easy option in a bit to get over sign-up protocols. To join most social forums, you are required to give some personal details. By the time most people get to the ‘choose password‘ option, they are already tired and just want to get it over with. So spending time thinking of a good password becomes too tedious.

Unfortunately, that is what hackers count on. These days, a hacker, with just a low-grade laptop can figure out your password easily. That is if you choose an uncomplicated password. The safe rule of thumb here is to choose a password that is at least 12 characters long. It should be a combination of numerals, lower and uppercase letters. And never pick any password related to something personal like your birthday, hometown or school name. Make it as random as possible.

Use Different Password for all Your Social Media Accounts

This is rather obvious I suppose. But it is not. People tend to use the same password over and over again. It makes online life a little easier especially when you have multiple social accounts. The point being that, it is easy to remember just one password.

Sometimes, if a particular website, due to lack of funds or negligence has very poor security, the plain text format of your password could be obtained from the site. At this point, the passwords are not usable because they are most often either encrypted or hashed. So the hacker has to crack the passwords first. This is where your decision to choose a good password plays a part. It would take a bit of time for the password to be cracked. But with time, due to many smart softwares and powerful computers, it would be cracked. Even very  super strong passwords can get cracked. But the thing here is, cracking that one password gives the hacker access to only one account. That means your other social accounts are still safe because a different password is needed to access them.  Getting access to just the one password means your are not exposed on many fronts.

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