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If you own a smartphone and perhaps also have a strange affinity for doing stuffs at night, chances are you have probably downloaded one or more of those bogus apps that promise to turn your phone into a night vision gadget. Though I do not in anyway imply that I fell for those fraudulent tricks, but for some reasons I have more than 11 of those apps on my phone. Why I kept downloading another, each time the current one failed just like the previous is honestly beyond me. Though I have two theories: one being that I had some shred of hope that I will eventually get lucky and the other being that my psychologist had a hand in it. Since the later will imply some elements of insanity, I think I will stick with the first theory. Fast forward three months later, I saw this presumably fraudulent advert online about this presumably bogus gadget that was supposed to make my phone camera render images in green colored background. Of course, you won’t blame me for immediately tagging it as a fraudulent attempt to get me to download one those fraudulent apps. Yes I said download! , even when it was a freaking gadget, that’s how fast my brain could tag any online ad with the phrase “night vision” as bogus. But when i fimally discovered it was a gadget, I decided to give it a second look and quite franky, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, in the contrary it was quite cool.

snooperscope night vision camera
The Snooperscope night vision gadget attaches to your phone camera to enable it ” see in the dark”.

Bla bla bla… Forget about all that bloggerly theatrics, it was quite frankly too bloggerly of me – If you really want your device to see in the dark, you need a more sensitive sensor and a healthy blast of invisible infrared light, luckily for everyone, The kickstarter funded Snooperscope comes packed with all of that and surprisingly it doesn’t suck too.

snooperscope used with
Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

It fits over a phone’s camera lens and uses infrared light to turn the screen into a monitor that people can use to see in the dark, and can even be used as a standalone camera and tethered to a drone for aerial views at night. Sarah Griffiths

snooperscope on drone

The snooperscope doesn’t augment or boost your smartphone camera. For camera to see in the night, it replaces it all together – you can either retrofit your smartphone with the snooperscoope or use a WiFi connection. With a magnet on the butt it easily sticks to the back of your phone where the camera is located with the right accessories. And a Wi-Fi connection to your Android or iOS device lets you monitor what the scope is seeing in total darkness for up to four hours with its rechargeable battery. This may not be the perfect gadget for your night terrorist camp raids if you are a US Navy seal or UK’S SBS , but for every other person else that doesn’t wield a Kalashnikov, the Snooperscope will do just fine. The gadget can also be effectively utilized by wildlife watchers, fishermen and hunters, who want to better see targets in the dark.
Apart being used with mobile devices, the snooperscope can be retrofitted on drone cameras as well as home security cameras to enable them see in the dark.

The snooperscope can also be used to take pictures and HD videos in the day as well as during nighttime in green scenes that would otherwise be totally black when using your average camera. The snooperscope also features a built in microphone to record sound as well as a speaker.

Camera: 1MP with a wide angle lens and video, 720p
Night Vision: 6 infrared LEDs array
Audio: Built-in microphone and speaker
Storage: Smartphone/tablet internal memory
Battery life: Around six hours of recording time, four hours working time.
Mobile apps : iOS and Android for smartphone and tablets
Power: Lithium ion battery
Housing: Plastic
Size: 4.1 inches (10.4cm) long, 1.6 inches
(4cm) in diameter
Weight: 2.65 ounces (75g)
Cost: US $180