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I don’t know if to just curl up and snigger non-stop at the almighty furore over the report by comScore that more and more non-teenagers are using the Snapchat app.


So what you might ask? Well, the big deal about Snapchat is that it’s popularity is due mainly to the fact that it is the preferred messaging apps for teenagers. Or to put it another way, teenagers make up a large bulk of Snapchat users. Therefore, the conclusion of the report by comScore threatens to kill the app. Or would it?

The logic goes like this: the more older adults get to use the app, the more likely teenagers are going to stop using it. And with the exit of teenagers, there goes all the ads targeted at teenagers that brings in so much money for Snapchat.

The Report

Woman Using Smartphone

Let’s take a brief look at the report. The plan here is to make it as short as possible. Or this piece might get very boring.

The report is claiming that 38% of people between the ages of 25 to 34 are using Snapchat. And in that demographic, 14% are over the age of 35. Stay with me for a bit. The numbers would soon be over.

Three years ago, when Snapchat was barely finding its feet, only 5% of smartphones users between the ages of 25 and 34 were using Snapchat. While only 5% of those numbers were over 35 years old.

Exaggerating the Impact of the Numbers

Now, from the report, hysterical online media really want some of us to believe that Snapchat would soon become like Twitter and stagnate. Because older people are now encroaching into their space.

Using Twitter to buttress that point is just being clever. How about Facebook?

Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

When Zuckerberg and his friends started the social forum, it was mostly for kids in the University. Joining Facebook then was the cool thing to do as kids. As Facebook grew older and more popular, the initial users also grew older. Then the forum became mainstream and more and more people of all ages became users.

The obvious lesson from that is, Facebook did not die when older people started using it. Instead it became stronger and bigger to what it is now. 1.6 billion people are now using Facebook. Both young and old.

Twitter did not collapse because of the age thing. And Snapchat is not going to collapse because of that either.

Shouting that Parents are now invading Snapchat is stretching the comScore report to ridiculous levels. 35 years is hardly the sort of people you see having teenage kids. And most 35 year olds are very tech savvy enough to know how to handle an app like Snapchat without disturbing the kids.

From where I am standing, the influx of older users can only be a good thing for Snapchat. Yeah it might be a bit weird for the kids to start seeing their uncles and aunties on Snapchat. But for Snapchat, it is a case of the more the merrier.


Whether anybody likes it or not, it is all a numbers games. It is because of the 1.6 billion Facebook users the company is valued at a whooping $330 billion. While for Snapchat, it’s considerably less user base gives it a valuation of just under $20 billion. So how can a broader user base not be a good thing for Snapchat?

These are the kinds of things Snapchat’s execs must have being dreaming of. A mainstream app that would attract all kinds. Meaning ad companies would have to pour in more ads targeted at the rising number of older people using the app.

Cue Snapchat smiling all the way to the bank

Like I said initially, I feel like curling up somewhere and laughing my head off. I envy Snapchat though. So much publicity over nothing really.




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