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I’m pretty sure you said not hear the gist from the very beginning, so I’m willing to brief you a little. Just stay with me.

The Freedom 251 is a smartphone that was initially offered for sale in India at the promotional price of 251 Indian Rupees (the equivalent of 3.76 USD as of 29 October 2016). So if we are to convert it to naira with the current exchange rate, even though it has skyrocketed, it’ll be just a little less than N2000 naira. (Please remember that it is a smartphone).


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It is being sold by Ringing Bells Private Limited and is marketed as the world’s cheapest smartphone.

The promotional price was offered for a limited time only to online bookings between 18 and 21 February 2016. Traffic was so high on the website that it crashed on the first day. The company says that the regular price will be about ₹500 ($7.47 USD as of 31 August 2016)

So fast forward to today, according to reuters, the founder of this tech firm has been arrested on allegations of fraud.

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He was arrested after a dealer said he had paid 3 million Indian rupees for an order of Freedom 251 but had received only a fraction of the order. He further said some of the phones received were defective. This is not the first complaint that has been filed against Goel, police said.

Well, a trip to Goel’s LinkedIn page uncovered facts that he has an MBA degree in marketing from Amity University and a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Western Sydney University. However, after he was arrested, Goel told the police he had only studied till Class VIII, following which he took lessons to improve his “English speaking skills.”

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Well, the whole point now further questions the greed of humans. You want to use a $7 smartphone because its just cheap. Don’t you think its too cheap? I sincerely think so.