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It is seeming like there are some brands that cannot withstand the fierce competition the smartphone industry offers, which might have lead to a chicken out decision. On another hand, maybe they do not believe in the future of smartphones anyone. Anyhow it is, they do not care about the market anymore.

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If the words of Sony’s President Kazuo Hirai were to hold an ounce of water, then the reign of smatphones might soon be over, a school of thought which might see the company shift focus from the smartphone industry to the Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality industries.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

In an interview with the Australian Finance Review, although he expected his phone division to be commercially viable, he quite surprising, no longer cares whether or not Sony becomes one of the top 5 smartphone makers in the world, what he is more interested in is the next big thing — Virtual reality and Mixed reality.

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According to Mr. Kazuo, he said it was likely that the smartphone form of today will not be the consumers’ choice in 10 years and that alongside figuring out the next stage, Sony was more excited by evolutions elsewhere such as commercial-grade virtual reality. To be put in the most simple of terms, Sony is very interested in VR and MR and believes it already has an advantage in that area. I for one, do not know why they think they have an advantage.

“Once we’re able to establish VR as a great entertainment platform, first with game content, then the potential for other non-game content is obviously there. The fact that for ours, all you need is the PS4 and the PlayStation VR is a massive advantage for us, because we already have such a big install base.”

Playstation VR
Sony’s Virtual Reality to begin with PlayStation VR

“So as a company it’s important that VR is successful, not just because it helps the video game business but in fact the tide actually lifts all the Sony boats. We stand probably to benefit more than some of the other companies that are pursuing VR, because we are involved in so many different aspects that touch the VR experience and the content creation.”

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Well, it might be valid that Sony actually do have an advantage because of their already established customer base. But then, I want to dispute the opinion that the reign of smart phones might soon be over. If I were to give an opinion too, I’d say it has just started and won’t be over anytime soon. On another note, VR and MR could also be the future. So basically it is a very commendable long term plan from Sony.