African Focus Female Entrepreneurship Workshop To Hold In Kenya – She Leads Africa

She Leads AFrican programme even date in Nairobi

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SheHive set for Kenya: She Leads Africa’s Bootcamp, SheHive, Is Coming To Nairobi

she leads Africa is in Kenya Nairabi
she leads Africa is in Kenya Nairabi

The utmost female focus entrepreneur workshop is coming to Kenya soon, and all preparations to make the workshop successful in Nairobi is all in placed, according to organizer of the She Leads Africa. She Leads Africa (SLS is a female focused entrepreneur organisation in Africa to make female; which are most times deprived of some benefits because of their gender not only in African countries bu

Faces at She Leads Africa In Kenya
Faces at She Leads Africa In Kenya

t at world at large have a dream of being an entrepreneur and employers of labour rather than seeking employers where in most times are being harassed. Enough of my ranting.

The news that the programme is now coming to Kenya, Nairobi to be precised and everything is set for the member of the public to participate. Here is the news from Disrupt-Africa


She Leads Africa (SLA) is to host its female-focused pop-up entrepreneurship workshop, SheHive, in Nairobi, Kenya; with the four-day programme starting on Thursday (June 30).

Disrupt Africa reported last September SLA announced it would host a one-week pop-up co-working space dedicated to female entrepreneurs in Lagos, Nigeria – to be dubbed SheHive – with a number of high-profile industry figures to set to speak to the tenants and provide business support.

The success of the inaugural event prompted further SheHives in Accra, Ghana, and most recently in Abuja, Nigeria.

As a result of SheHive’s popularity, She Leads Africa announced the bootcamp will be taken “on the road” over the remainder of 2016.

A four-day event is now set for Nairobi, from this Thursday, June 30 to July 3; and will be held at Nairobi Garage.

The Nairobi SheHive will feature workshops on business development, investor readiness, as well as industry-specific sessions.

A number of business leaders will also speak at the event, including Safaricom chief executive officer (CEO) Bob Collymore; Hilda Moraa, founder and ex-CEO of Kenya’s headline acquisition story of 2015, Weza Tele; and Andreata Muforo, investment director at TLcom Capital Partners; among others.

She Leads AFrican programme even date in Nairobi
She Leads Africa programme even date in Nairobi

Tickets are available here.