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Once upon a time, Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, was all the rave. It was the reason the latest iPhone at that time stood out from all mobile devices. The things Siri could do for you were immense. The possibilities were limitless. But somehow, the hype died down. It seems the app wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Sure you could ask Siri to things for you. Or you could hold a Q&A session with it if you get very bored. But the hype just wasn’t there after a while. This was mostly down to other virtual assistants like Cortana, Echo and soon to be released Messenger bots, coming on stream and demystifying Siri.


But the recent news that Siri helped to safe a baby from death has brought Siri back from obscurity. And you bet Apple would use the events as a PR coup. For Apple, this can be the push they need to generate enough publicity ahead of the release of the next iPhone. Expect to see more positive Siri-related news in the coming weeks. The publicity would generally fall under the heading, ‘Why you must buy an iPhone.’ Good for them. I don’t blame them one bit. Any tech company would take advantage of such news to increase profits. It is the nature of the  free market beast.

How Siri Saved A Little Girl

So how did Siri save a little girl’s life and make it to the front page news again? According to Stacey Gleeson, her daughter Giana , who had being fighting chest infection and bronchiolitis, suddenly stopped breathing one day. Grabbing her iPhone, she ran to her daughter’s room to help the child, but dropped the phone as she switched on the light. While trying to resuscitate her daughter, she shouted at the iPhone to switch on Siri. When Siri came on, she instructed it to call emergency services and order for an ambulance.

Mrs Gleeson did not stop working on her daughter while talking to Siri. Matter of fact, she wasn’t even looking at the phone. She was able to talk to  emergency services after Siri did as it was told. She informed them about what was going on. So emergency services were able to get a handle on the problem and rushed over an ambulance to her house well prepared.


Her conversation with emergency services was on speakerphone. By the time the medics got to the house, Giana was already breathing again. After doctors looked at the baby, they informed the mum everything was going to be alright. The conclusion was that, the precious seconds working on the baby while talking to Siri counted a lot in saving the child’s life. If Stacey had stopped what she was doing to call the ambulance herself, her one year old daughter could have died.

Apple Leaked The News

The events narrated here actually took place three months ago in the Australian city of Cairns. So why is it becoming viral now? Like I said earlier, it is all about Apple trying to milk a lot of capital out of the story. The story did not break online because a reporter just happened to be around in the neighborhood. No. It became a world wide news after the grateful mum contacted Apple to tell them how their mobile phone app helped save her daughter. And never one to miss such opportunity, Apple contacted 7 News, a news outlet based in Australia a few days ago with the gist. Good for Apple.

Here is what Stacey Gleeson told the BBC when contacted,

As cheesy as it sounds I wanted to say thank you.I’ve only had the phone since the start of the year. I had played around with Siri, I thought it was a fun feature. Now I have that feature turned on all the time and it will never be turned off again. Saving me the trouble of having to physically dial emergency services was a godsend.”


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