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Yes, you saw that quite alright; with the aid of SimplePay, businesses can now accept payments via SMS links. With the advent of technology-improved business services, I see this great nation becoming a technology-driven nation.

SimplePay, whose base is in Nigeria recently announced the launch of PayReminder, a payment solution via SMS which allows the payment of goods and services to be at extreme ease. The way this service works is that the SMSes sent to the clients have payment links embedded within which links the client to the payment method at a single click.

Customers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to payments and sometimes the options can be overwhelming. With PayReminder, the customer and merchant interface directly with each other and payment is made with just one click – no need for a sophisticated website, no need to go into an app to make payment, etc,” said SimplePay’s founder, Simeon Ononobi.

SimplePay’s founder stated that “customers need solutions that will ease the way they make payment for products and services and businesses on the other hand want more solutions that will ease the way they do business.”

Any business can make use of PayReminder. Using SMSes to remind your customers of payment will make PayReminder come in handy because it not only reminds the customers of their intending payment, but also gives them a link to make the payment ensuring easier access to reception of funds (this is what I call ‘ease of access’).

Talk about gaining enough grip on the market, PayReminder is now in use by Lekki Concession Company (LCC) and other different companies who have huge customer bases. The feed-back from customers have been splendid.

Making payment of funds to businesses extremely easy seems to be the drive that keeps SimplePay going. This is because PayReminder isn’t the first SMS solution that SimplePay have come up with; they came up with SimpleLink last year. SimpleLink is also similar to PayReminder in that it also has the features of payment links in which at a single click, the customer is directed to make payment, thereby enhancing the level at which businesses receive funds.