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The biggest seedstage startup competition, Seedstars World has selected the winners of the competition phase in Cape Town, South Africa – Seedstars Cape Town.

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The three startups emerged from the eleven startups that were selected for the finals of the Seedstars Cape Town. The three startups that emerged winners of Seedstars Cape Town will compete in The Seedstars South Africa finals that will hold in Johannesburg. These 3 startups will try to see off competition from the other three startups that won the Seedstars Johannesburg contest. The Seedstars Johannesburg competition also witnessed eleven startups that competed in the final stage of thecompetition, before the three startups were selected as winners.

The winners from the Seedstars Cape Town are:

mbora is a startup that focuses on using solar-powered IoT-enabled sensing suite that delivers real-time visibility to a service provider across its entire network.

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EMG Technologies – a health tech startup that integrates the medical content froom medical experts into an app so as to enable medical practitioners easily get access to.

GreenFingers Mobile – a mobile SaaS (Software as a Service) technology that provides an avenue for funding and management of small holder farmers.

Claudia Makadristo, Regional Manager of Seedstars World Africa expressed her anxiety to see who the top startup will be from South Africa in this year’s competition.

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“Last year, we kicked off our entire tour in Cape Town. It was great to see so many new faces, from the startups that pitched to the audience and ecosystem players. We are curious to see which entrepreneur from what ecosystem will represent South Africa this year,” said Claudia.

Three wildcard startups will also compete with the three winners from Seedstars Johannesburg and the three winners from Seedstars Cape Town at the Seedstars South Africa grand finale in Johannesburg on 29 June 2017. the winner of Seedstars South Africa will then go on to represent South Africa at the Seedstars World world stage competition.



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