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“We succeeded in developing a material that has self-healing ability at room temperature and high tensile strength.” said Hwang Sun-young, Ph.D. “It is even more meaningful as this is a technology developed by an organization independently.”

These were the words of a representative of Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology. Recently, an announcement that a research team led by Hwang Sun-young, Ph.D., Park Jae-young, Ph.D., and Oh Dong-yeop, Ph.D., of Bio Chemical Research Center was made. It noted that this team has developed a fundamental technology for a new material called ‘Elastomer’.

Elastomer, as it is called would be able to heal itself on its own at room temperature, while also doubling the amount of highest level of existing tensile strength. Elastomer is high molecular substance that is able to stretch and shrink.

According to the announcement, “Research team focused on providing self-healing ability to a material with high tensile strength. It believed that if it adds self-healing ability to a material with high tensile strength from the start then commercialized products will be able to maintain enough amount of tensile strength.”

“The research team added sulfur compound to a basic framework of thermoplastic polyurethane, which has high tensile strength, and allowed double decomposition reaction (reaction where two types of compounds exchange their components with each other) to take place at room temperature.”

Now, I believe this is a very great innovation that would go a long way to save cost for users. Well, as we await the commercialisation of this product, do tell us how excited you would be to have a self healing product.