Essential PH-1 has a whooping 4GB RAM

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I’m quite sure you would not have forgotten all about Andy Rubin who just launched his own smartphone, naming it the Essential PH-1, and you have been dying to have a feel of it ever since.

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Well, even if the phone isn’t getting a Nigerian launch, maybe for now, we still have a photo taken by the device and we want you to rate it in that aspect, while putting in mind that the Essential Phone comes with dual rear-facing cameras (RGB + Mono) with 13MP and f/1.85.

Yesterday, the Essential President, Niccolo de Masi tweeted a photo that showed how well the phone takes low light pictures, but it seemed to have been a stunt gone wrong as instead of what he expected, people were not very happy with the picture which he has since deleted.

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There have been different opinions online about the photo with one even saying “it is called essential but lack the essentials”. I don’t agree with that though, I think save for the camera, and this poor photo, Essential is dope.


Photo taken by Essential PH-1 smartphone
Photo taken by Essential PH-1 smartphone