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According to their website, Y Combinator provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you’re getting started. And their latest batch of startups present to a specially invited subset of a larger network of investors, twice in a year.

Y Combinator would be holding a Winter 2017 Startup Demo Day between today, March 20th and Wednesday, March 22nd. This Demo Day is held to showcase the selected startups that will be participated in its first of 2 three-month funding cycles this year.

So we bring to you the five startups that made the cut, and would be benefiting in a three-month funding cycle this year. Stay with me…



This is a startup that allows consumer purchase a specific unit of electricity conveniently from their devices.

Well, given how bad and dilapidated this sector of the Nigerian atmosphere is, I must say that Y Combinator might have just made a move to invest in what might come with very large benefits. People would always want to get the actual value of what they’re paying for.



Tizeti is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and through their platform, they are able to provide unlimited internet services to multi-tenant buildings (estates majorly) SMEs, hotels, restaurant, and even large corporate organizations.

Their presence, and subsequent expansion would help solve the problem of poor internet to an extremely large extent.



KANGPE, which launched in July 2015, has been striving to “put a doctor in the pocket of every Nigerian” through a means that involves connecting patients with verified doctors via SMS, mobile app and web 24 hours a day.

Their services is currently present in Nigeria Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda, and they are looking to spread across French-speaking African countries. Hopefully, Y Combinator would propel this to happen soon.



Aella Credit is an online lender that helps people borrow money responsibly and instantly, the keyword being “instantly”. This means that loans are approved without the hassles of physical vetting or collateral tendering.

Users can apply for loans via the website and in real-time have the loans approved and ready to disburse. A ‘Y Combinator’ investment would see them grow bigger and better with access to more loan funds.



KUDI is a chatbot that helps users with their finances by using Artificial Intelligent (AI) to simulate everyday conversation. It helps with activities like TV subscriptions, Airtime purchase and so on.


So here you have it guys, which startup appeals to you the most, let’s hear you.