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According to Evan Blass, Samsung’s codename for the Galaxy Note 8 is “Samsung Gr3at.”  And for a while now, we have been wondering why Samsung decided to use the number “3” and not the letter “e”? Well, through inspiration from MissTechy, we have a few theories.

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1. The first one is maybe Samsung looks to add 3 never before seen features on the Galaxy Note 8. Talking about what these feature would be, I can’t even think of what they might be planning. But if Samsung actually wants to produce a device with never before seen features, trust them not to disappoint. On a lighter note, the Note 7 came with a whole new feature – it was explosive.

2. It is also possible that the 3 refers to the 3x Optical Zoom that was rumoured earlier. Well,  we can’t say more on this but we do hope that it comes to play when the Samsung gr3at is finally launched, in September.

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3. Could the 3 also mean that it would have three cameras? I don’t know if this is a never before seen feature but dual camera are becoming popular by the day. Maybe it’s time we upgraded, don’t you think?

Well, no matter what Samsung might be cooking as regards this upcoming device, I’m sure they know it better be something worthwhile as they do have alot to prove after that debacle that occurred last year. Need I also mention that the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be better than the Galaxy S8, in terms of specs. It must be as safe too.

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At the moment, rumours have it that the Galaxy Note 8 might come with a 6.3-inch screen, the new Snapdragon 836 and a dual camera (this negates our theory of three cameras, so we are left with two options). On the display, it all seems like display size increases every year, so I’m wondering what the size would be in 2023? You have any guesses?

For now, we would like to know what you think about the code name “Samsung Gr3at”?



  1. we are waiting maybe no. 1 reason she be closest. all fingers on deck the market now is so competitive see techno son improve like mad, by there camoncxAir which even is better than iphone6camera every body is getting wise so Samsung no doll otherwise you will be erase in the market line blackberry trying to eradicate.

  2. It has amazes to learn the use of figure in naming a phone much anticipated from Samsung. I believed we are going advanced. I like the features especially the size, 6.3 inches. It’s awesome!

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