Google new smartphones October 4 launch date

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Some weeks ago (in July to be precise), we reported about the rumours making the rounds that Google would soon develop its own smartphone. The sources of these rumours were credible. And they even gave the date as sometime before the end this year.

Google new smartphones October 4 launch date
Google’s new Smarphones?

I predicted  December if if was really going to happen.

As far as my own prediction was concerned, I was two months off the mark. It seems, from the going ons in Silicon Valley, it is likely the Google phone would be released on the 4th of October. Here are the pointers that lead to the connected dots ending up on that particular date.

The evidence from YouTube

The first strong indication is a video posted by Google. And what better place to post such a video than Google-owned YouTube. However, if you are hoping to see so much detail of the impending phone on the YouTube video, you will be disappointed.

Google new smartphones October 4 launch date
Blurred images of likely Google’s new smartphone

The video is just 30 seconds long and doesn’t reveal much. What we know for sure is that it was posted by Google and shows the Google search bar transforming into a what is clearly a smartphone.

The short video is accompanied by the by an old classic song by Redbone titled, ‘Come and Get Your Love

So there it is, a video showing Google’s most recognized symbol (the search bar) turning into a smartphone accompanied by a song implying people should come and get the smartphone without a name.

Different site, more promotion and a few more details

To further ramp up the anticipation for the new phone, gave further details of the phone. The url of the website even gives the whole game away doesn’t it? Look at it again? Made by Google.

Google new smartphones October 4 launch date
Two more images of assumed new phones from Google

Anyway, on, you get more closed photos of the smartphone. In addition to that, there is a section where you can sign up for email alerts on the latest news about the smartphone with no name I guess.

Offline campaign

Google is clearly on a path of total awareness for their new baby. That is why pretty much the same promotion is features on several billboards in New York City.

And lastly, what I call the final piece of this simple puzzle is the fact that selected media outlets had already received invitations to attend a Google event on the 4th of October in San Francisco.

Though the invite did not mention anything specific, it shouldn’t take a stretch of the imagination to know it is linked to the launch of the Google smartphone next month.

More Rumors about pricing Pricing and a few more details

According to a credible report  the new phones would be known as Pixel And Pixel Xl. Though nobody would be surprised if the name turns out to be something else.

According to reliable sources, the phones would have a starting price of $649. This cheapest model is likely to have an internal storage of 32GB.

The price shows the device’s would definitely operate at the rarefied high-end zone of the smartphone market.

Why a Google smartphone?

The question is valid. After all Google do have their famous Nexus brands. How would this be different from the Nexus series?

Google new smartphones October 4 launch date
Rick Osterloh, head of Google’s hardware division

Unlike Nexus, the new phones would be built entirely by Google. That is, both hardware and software. And the project would be undertaken by Google hardware division which has recently seen some changes in both management and structure to make it more effective.

Again, the need for a Google phone could be linked to all the court cases Google is involved in concerning how they license the Android operating system.

The EU is at the forefront of cutting Google’s monopoly in several places. Apart from Android, the EU is also looking closely at whether Google is using her dominant position in the internet search niche to stifle the growth of other companies. So making a complete Google phone now could be a way to protect some of their proprietary softwares like Play Store and Google Search on smartphones.

Whatever it is, October 4th is barely two weeks away. All other considerations are on hold until that day.


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