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As usual, the month of February has reached the mid point and it is normal to start seeing new phone releases, rumours and more like that. HMD global are not left out of the party as there are already rumors of the Nokia 1 and Nokia 7 plus smartphones to be released soon.

Nokia 1

According to the rumors, the Nokia 1 has been said to be an Android Go phone. Android Go or Android Oreo (Go Edition), as you might want to call it, is a lightweight version of Android for phones with 1GB RAM or less. The Nokia 1 is expected to come with the said 1 GB RAM.

The leaked photos and render were provided by @evleaks on the twitter platform. Mere looking at the device, it does not seem like one that would take style as one of its selling points. The device has bezels around the screen which can be pegged at a 16:9 ratio screen. The bezels are a bit huge and does not make it look very recent.

Nokia 1 smartphone

On the top left corner of the device, there is a front facing camera. The camera has beside it a pill-shaped sensor. While on the rear, the Nokia 1 is displayed to have a single rear camera with a large LED flash . The camera is strategically located in the middle of the phone.

While at the down right corner as you would expect is an opening for the speaker.
The back of the Nokia 1 looks like it was made of plastic, which translates to it not being too durable. It also looks like it can be removable . We are already suspecting the smartphone to be a budget device for the low end users.

Nokia 7 Plus device

The Nokia 7 Plus on its own hand, has been in the news for a while now and is expected to arrive with a Snapdragon 660 chipset and 4 GB RAM, Infinity display, a fingerprint scanner on the back, below the cam setup, coupled with dual-tone LED flash. Now, I think this is for the high end users. What do you think?