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Well, Samsung is in the news again, and it’s for something good. The phone makers have built a technology that can charge batteries in just 12 minutes. Yes, you heard right. It is only normal to expect the company to undergo such researches as this as they want to outdo their competitor in the smartphone and devices market.

According to the post on their website, “A team of researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) developed a “graphene* ball,” a unique battery material that enables a 45% increase in capacity, and five times faster charging speeds than standard lithium-ion batteries.”

“In theory, a battery based on the “graphene ball” material requires only 12 minutes to fully charge. Additionally, the battery can maintain a highly stable 60 degree Celsius temperature, with stable battery temperatures particularly key for electric vehicles.”

Personally, I think such technology would prove useful for Samsung putting the Galaxy Note 7 debacle into consideration. At least, it’d provide a safer battery which wouldn’t tend to explode upon the slightest temperature. According to Samsung, they are “Exploring Next Generation Battery Technology.”

Another interesting thing about this is it’s affordability. According to the leader of the project, Dr. Son In-hyuk, he said, “Our research enables mass synthesis of multifunctional composite material graphene at an affordable price. At the same time, we were able to considerably enhance the capabilities of lithium-ion batteries in an environment where the markets for mobile devices and electric vehicles is growing rapidly. Our commitment is to continuously explore and develop secondary battery technology in light of these trends.” Dr. Son In-hyuk led the project on behalf of SAIT.

While this is very applaudable, we also await that it be not just theory alone and applied to use for an actual device. Maybe Samsung’s next device would carry this technology, who knows? We’d be waiting.