Exploding Galaxy Note 7

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According to reports, and true life stories too, Samsung isn’t paying for any damage caused by an exploding Galaxy Note 7 unit. This is coming after the series of warnings from the smartphone giant to its customers to return every Note 7 unit in their possession, though some people have decided to keep it and hope to God it doesn’t explode.

Exploding Galaxy Note 7
Exploding Galaxy Note 7

At least three Note 7 unit owners are not happy with the way the company treated them after an exploding unit caused damage to their homes and properties too, while a crisis management expert describes the company as “seriously underprepared”.


John was in bed on 8 September when his wife Joni’s device exploded on the nightstand.

“It was very startling. No one expects to be woken up at 3am with a noise that sounded like a whole bundle of sparklers being lit all at once,” he said, adding that he saw a meter-long flame “shooting out” of the top of the phone as a dark grey smoke filled the house.

“My first reaction was to get it out of the house. I didn’t want my home to catch fire.” So he grabbed the phone by its leather case with his bare hands and carried it to the kitchen where he had to drop it on the kitchen counter and put on kitchen gloves.

Joni Barwick's burned Galaxy Note 7
Joni Barwick’s burned Galaxy Note 7

The fire damaged the nightstand, said Barwick, and sprayed chemicals “all over our bed, mattress, curtains and carpet” as well as some pieces of hardwood flooring. According to his estimates, it would cost about $9,000 to replace the damaged items.

According to Barwick, he called Samsung and reported the incident to them and they promised to call back in 24 hours which they never did. After calling again and again, “They told me they weren’t going to pay replacement costs of any damaged items. We were asking to have our carpet replaced, and to have the goods that were sprayed on replaced. We sent them photos,” he said. Instead, Samsung offer to pay a depreciated value of the items.

“It seemed that Samsung’s priority was retrieving that phone. I told them I’d be more than happy to allow them to inspect it to ensure the claim was authentic but I wasn’t going to give over custody until everything was made good.”

“The items that were damaged were fine prior to their faulty product catching fire and causing this. We’re not seeking a great amount of money to get rich off this. We just want to be made whole.”

This is just number one.


Hartzog's melted Galaxy Note 7
Hartzog’s melted Galaxy Note 7

Mr Wesley – a firefighter – left his device plugged into a wall outlet in his garage. Investigators have not been able to show conclusively that it caused the fire, though they did rule out an air compressor plugged into the same power outlet.

His garage was completely destroyed, along with extensive damage to his motorcycle, 4×4, lawnmower, bicycles and a rocking chair given to him by his deceased grandmother. A water heater and electrical wiring also was destroyed. Both he and his two daughters, aged 11 and 14, were forced to stay at friend’s houses and then in hotels at his own expense as the investigation continues.

Wesley Hartzog’s garage after the fire
Wesley Hartzog’s garage after the fire

According to him, an employee promised they were going to move them to a hotel and pay for their meals too “But the next day Samsung Fire & Marine insurance called me and said it wasn’t going to happen. I feel that was really unprofessional.”

In his words, “I just thought they would have been more helpful and considerate about trying to assist me to either get back into my house or trying to expedite the process of the investigation,”

Well, in as much as I think victims of Note 7 explosions should be compensated, I also feel it would have a very great effect on their purse. Once which could take years to recover from.


Image credits; phonearena.com