Samsung internet browser.

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So Samsung has now allowed their internet browser to be installed by other android devices, unlike before. And if people’s opinions are to be taken seriously, it is one of the best browsers to have graced the Android platform.

Samsung internet browser.
Samsung internet browser. Image credit:

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The browser is said to be super fast, has an ultra smooth scrolling, and it supports extensions and ad-blockers. Well, what else do we expect from a big brand like Samsung if not an equally great browser.

Samsung internet browser.
Samsung internet browser.

Before now, the Samsung browser was only meant for Samsung phones, but now, out of their loving kindness (or rather to gain more users), they have decided to let others experience all that awesomeness by opening the browser to non-Samsung devices.

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Other features include an integrated QR code reader much like Chrome, and Physical Web support, ability to view 360-degree videos without a VR device, a pop-up player similar to the Picture-In-Picture mode found on iOS, the ability to automatically compare prices to Amazon when shopping online, and others.

Samsung internet browser.
Samsung internet browser.

Just in a case where you still need the Google sync with chrome, you can download a Chrome desktop extension to sync bookmarks with this.

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As much as Samsung might think they are doing us a great favor by releasing their browser for general use, I think they are doing themselves the favor by trying to win users trust and confidence, hence, patronage. If their browser can be this good, their phone should be too right?



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