Samsung target GTA mod video Of Note 7

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Samsung is not happy with a certain ‘HitmanNiko’, for creating  a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V mod that turned the unfortunates Galaxy Note 7 into a bomb. And how did Samsung show their displeasure? In the worst way possible at this time. The company has already taken action to remove the video from YouTube and it is doing all it can to erase all traces of that video on the internet. Good luck to them.

Samsung target GTA mod video Of Note 7
GTA mod turned Galaxy Note 7 to a bomb GTA mod turned

It is cases like this that makes me wonder about the sensitivity of big corporations. This is just a coder having fun at the expense of Samsung. It is nothing malicious.

But from all indications, the suits at Samsung have a collective sense of humor that is closer to zero than anything else. Why else would they go to the extend of taking such drastic measures just because people just want to have fun?

The message they are passing to the internet is that they don’t tolerate kids trying to be kids. They want everybody to be adults and only do serious adult things.

Samsung target GTA mod video Of Note 7

I am sorry to say this, but Samsung got it completely wrong here. They have now given a sort of life to a harmless prank on the internet and make HitmanNiko a sort of star. I would bet that many other coders would start making variations of that mod just to spite Samsung.

To show you how lacking in sense of humor Samsung suits are, they used a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) tool to attempt to remove the mod from the Internet.

DMCA was designed 18 years ago to basically help companies protect their softwares against the challenges of copyright infringement on the internet.

So Samsung is using a controversial legal instrument to fight what is basically an internet prank.

How this would end is any body’s guess. Given that GTA is a game with millions of fans around the world, this is one mod that would trend among GTE fans.

What Samsung should understand is that the world does not work according to the rules made by them. I know they wished it were so, so they can control certain aspects of our lives.

A fact of life is that the unfortunate Note 7 incidents happened with many people losing properties in the process. That cannot be wished away or made to disappear from the world’s collective memory. This is one incident that would live with is for a very long time.

Samsung target GTA mod video Of Note 7
ill-fated Galaxy Note 7

The wounds, both psychological and physical, of the exploding phones are still fresh. One can understand the company been a little sensitive about it. But this is not the right way to handle this sort of unfortunate fall out. Samsung’s resources could be used better elsewhere.

For instance, Samsung could divert all the resources it is using to hound a video out of the internet to settle claims of people whose Note 7 got damaged. The news that Samsung is delaying or outrightly refusing payment of damages due to the Note 7 fires is far more damaging that this GTE mod.

These are real people, who spent their money to buy a very expensive device; only to find out they bought something that could have done serious damage to them. Many of them are serious Samsung clients who would now question Samsung’s commitment to them as users of their devices.

By the way, as far as the GTA mod is concerned, HitmanNiko did not copy anything from Samsung to warrant a DMCA claim. This was just a very big firm flexing it’s financial muscle against an unknown person.

The video below was not the original mod by HitmanNiko. It was created by a diiferent person just to prove the point that Samsung is fighting a losing battle.


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