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For just one dollar you can try one of our latest Samsung phones for 30 days with no obligation. Your test drive kit will come with the phone of your choice, an activated sim card and a step-by-step guide to help start your test drive.
After 30 days, if you buy qualifying Samsung devices, there’s even more love in store for you. ( That is the pitch you get on the Samsung page)

Now that is what an awesome promotion is all about. If only you own the latest iPhone, the iPhone 6, and you live in the United States. With this move, which Samsung calls ‘The Test Drive’, Samsung has clearly put Apple in its crosshairs just primed to pull to trigger on Apple flagship products. The bullets are the new Samsung flagship offerings in the Galaxy range of products, the Galaxy S6 edge, S6 edge plus and the Note 5.

The Galaxy S6 photo:samsung.com
The Galaxy S6 photo:samsung.com


I wonder why Samsung did not extend this promo beyond the shores of America and of course include some of their latest smart watches. Many people will sacrifice more than an arm to own those gadgets I tell you.

But the promotion, like all promos came with a lot of terms and conditions. For instance if the phone is damaged within that 30-day trial period, you have to pay the cost price outright. The cost range from $700 for the Note 5 to $820 for the Galaxy S 6. For cosmetics damages like cracked screen, recipients get to pay $100. Steep but fair. This conditions did not deter Americans from keying in to the promo though, because all available phones units for this promo have being snapped up so Samsung has suspended the promo until new units are made available.

So why is Samsung targeting the iPhone (to be fair, this is just the latest battle the two giants have being waging against each other)? Obviously because Apple is its biggest competition in the world. But one can assume there is a psychological and emotional aspect to this too. Apparently Samsung hopes that after using the phones for one month, US consumers would fall deeply in love with the products and be finally convinced of ditching the iPhone, because the new Galaxy flagship devices have much more superior specs to the iPhone 6, and ultimately end those long queues of people waiting to buy a new iPhone. Though Samsung executives won’t admit it, those long queues are a public relations nightmare for Samsung.

People queuing for the iphone6  photo:Glenn Copus
People queuing for the iphone6 photo:Glenn Copus


Again, Samsung is clearly worried about sales. Published reports show that the target earnings for the first quarter of this year failed to match projections. This is alarming because this is the seventh successive quarter the company failed to match its projections in term of earnings. But this is not a problem specific to Samsung though. Market reports indicate that the global phone market grew by only 2%. But Samsung is determined that global figures should not affect the sales of its own products even if it has to openly target Apple products. Fair enough. But market watchers insist that Samsung has to look closer to home for the real threat. Other Asian mobile phone manufactures, the Chinese especially, have steadily eroded Samsung’s market share in the lower and mid-level phone categories. And this does not show any sign of slowing down soon. The good news for Samsung is, it is the undisputed leader in top end phones in Asia. But there are worrying signs that Apple’s iPhone 6 is selling more than Samsung’s flagship phones in China, Asia’s largest market, because of the larger screens. And this is one market Samsung cannot afford to lose to its rivals.

So how successful would this latest promo from Samsung be? It is too early to tell for now since the flagship devices were only made available just 8 days ago.



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