Rumoured image of Samsung Galaxy 8

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Rumoured image of Samsung Galaxy 8
Rumoured image of Samsung Galaxy 8

We find this news surprising about Samsung Galaxy S8 coming to market soon but, I have own little doubt about Samsung wants to release another Galaxy soon, but the news about the Samsung Galaxy S8 might be true. Read on


Although there are no authoritative words yet from the market leader, the rumours may well be correct given that Samsung likes tinkering with teasing her smartphones as well as leaking specs and features, panel parts and stuff even long before the devices gets outed.


Rumoured Specifications Of Samsung S8


According to the rumour, the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a dual-camera setup which would be designed in China by SEMCO.

This is not the first time we are getting talks about a dual camera flagship, though. The expected iPhone 7 was hit with such suggestions earlier on, with design concepts with the expected dual camera setup created by freelance tech gurus talented in 3D designs being bandied all around the web. The rumours have, however, being put to rest with recent leaks suggesting definitively that the iPhone 7 will come with a single camera setup.

The Samsung Galaxy S8, which will take over the baton from the highly successful, top rated Galaxy S7, is also rumoured to sport an Ultra High Definition (UHD) display which ordinarily can be expected because of the need for a spectacular Virtual Reality (VR) experience.

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy S7 was released with a VR headset. Some lucky fans who pre-ordered and were front in line when the S7 hit stores worldwide were fortunate to get the VR headset free with their purchase, and the experience has been top notch. Samsung would likely want to build on that, but then the display on the S7 hasn’t posed any reported problem to users’ VR experiences.

If the rumours of a dual-camera setup and an ultra high definition screen turn out to be true, it will make the Samsung Galaxy S8 the first Samsung smartphone with such unique configuration. Samsung has stuck with the  Super AMOLED display on both the Galaxy S6 and S7 as well as a single camera unit at the rear.



Release Date Of Samsung Galaxy 8

Everything about Samsung galaxy 8 is still rumour, of course including the release date, any new date for Samsung Galaxy 8 will be always be communicated here for update

Of course, more information will unfold either to confirm or debunk this rumour as time progresses and we’ll keep you posted as always.


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