Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Fires

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Would Samsung ever catch a break since the Note 7 debacle that lead to the final, permanent killing of the phablet? The latest bad news is that some Galaxy S7 Edge are also catching fire.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Fires
Charred remains of a Galaxy S7 Edge


The question is why now?

This is a question Samsung is trying to respond to, to douse the tension building up in people who own the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. But first, a little background on the latest fires affecting Samsung’s original flagship smartphone.

The reports all emanate from PhoneArena. According to the website, a royal reader working for a major carrier in the US, reported to them that a subscriber brought a S7 Edge to them explaining that the phone caught fire while he was charging it. And to bat away any doubts, the man claimed he was using an original charger while charging the phone.

The customer got the phone about 2 weeks from the time he made the report. Which is really heartbreaking considering he had not really enjoyed the awesome phone much.

In a similar incident, but in a different country, this time in Canada. This time around, the man did not bother to report to the his local carrier, he simply posted the grisly pictures on Google + for his contacts to have a look.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Fires
Canadian burnt Galaxy S7 Edge

According to the Canadian man, his own S7 Edge caught fire and exploded while he was driving his car. He flung the device out of the window, rushed out and poured snow on the phone to douse the flame.

It is very fortunate he had the presence of mind to do that. What is worrying in this case is that the man wasn’t even charging the phone when it caught fire. That must mean that, like the Note7, there must be some serious design flaw causing the fires.

The earliest reported case of the S7 edge catching fire involved a construction worker in Ohio, USA. This happened at the end of May while the phone was in his pocket. As a result he suffered second degree burns and had to undergo skin graft to replace the burnt skin.

The man bought the phone online in March. So this is not a case of blaming it on newer versions of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Fires
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

He did not leave it at that though. He sued Samsung for damages done to his body by their phone.

The have being other numerous, isolated cases of  the S7 Edge catching fire.

It is likely these incidences are getting so much press now because of what happened to the Note 7. Now, people are seeing a pattern and a connection between what happened to the Note 7 and S7 Edge.

If we take the case of the Ohio construction worker as a reference, we get a picture of Samsung ignoring these reports for 5 months. This is irresponsible behavior and there is no way to whitewash this sort of behaviour from a respected company.

You could argue that they did not belief their number one flagship could be involved in this sort of mishap.

Burnt Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung’s Mobile president, Dongjin Koh,

And the respond, in an email they gave to PhoneArena, to concerns about exploding S7 Edge, they said:

We are unable to comment on this specific incident until we obtain and thoroughly examine the phone. Customer safety remains our highest priority and we want to work with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to investigate the matter and support them.”

Typical corporate-speak. Saying something without giving much away.

Samsung is already reeling from the effects of the Note 7 disaster as the company has already made losses running into billions of dollars.

Another disaster similar to the what happened to the Note 7 affecting the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge would be too much for the company to bounce back from in the immediate future.

Something like this is what would give a phone like Google Pixel the chance to fill the void and become the world’s number two smartphone after the iPhone which is still untainted.


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