Android browsetr

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With the improvements Samsung is integrating into its smartphone Android browser, known as Internet, there is this distinct notion that Samsung is trying to challenge Google Chrome as the most popular browser in Android smartphones.

Android browsetr

For people with Samsung Android smartphones, this news is intended to make you start enjoying all the good things inherent in the Android browser. For what it is worth, many people view the pre-installed Android browser in Samsung phones as bloatware. Something that ought to be uninstalled asap. Because, for some reason, the go-to browser for most android users is the Chrome browser by Google.

The new features in the Samsung Android browser for smartphones would enable users to block ads and and annoying pop-up contents when browsing the Internet. Though Samsung is not making its own ad-blocking app, users can now easily install third party apps from app developers to block unwanted ads for them.

android browser

The updated Android browser is being pushed to all Samsung android smartphones on the Marshmallow OS first. Users on the Android lollipop OS would get the updated browser in the coming days.

What you get from the new improved Android browser is an app that is now very compatible with the world wide web standards than most other mobile browsers, that is, apart from the little detail that users can now install ad-blocker plugins. Other features include,

– the privacy mode which prevents the website from unnecessarily caching pages, storing passwords, using cookies and keeping track of your browsing history. Of course you can enable or disable this feature anytime you wish.

– like the Google Chrome, push notifications is now added. This means the browser can be used to get regular and important updates.

– because the push notifications use the Service Worker API, the performance of the Android browser app is markedly improved in areas where Internet connectivity is weak or fluctuates.

– finger prints scanner would also be integrated into the updated browser. This feature is most likely to be available in the Galaxy range only. This sensor technology would also be able to capture and store biometric data.

For Samsung, these improvements to the Android browser is mostly aimed at achieving one goal: to stop users from setting Google Chrome as the default browser the first time owners of new Galaxy devices try to go online.

Android browser

Also Samsung would make its Android browser a multi-platform app. Already, the Android browser would soon be part of the Gear VR gadget. Though it is debatable how a browser in Gear VR would be a good substitute for normal browsing on a good handset. However, there is no doubt that it can be pretty handy for watching YouTube videos through the browser.

If the target for Samsung is to effectively challenge Google in the android smartphones browser niche, they must make sure their Android browser can work very well on other smartphones not just Samsung. Also, if the updated browser cannot share web pages easily like Chrome, then it is on a losing battle to win the hearts and minds of Android users.

However, opening the browser to developers is a good first step towards their goal of browser dominance.