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Well, well, well, Kenya now has the habit of getting into the news for good reasons in the technology field. Don’t be surprised. Just today, we reported that a startup from Kenya, EatOut received massive investment from an IT company in the country – Craft Silicon. Now, it isn’t even a startup that’s making the headlines, it’s the mighty telecommunications operator in Kenya, Safaricom who is making the headlines – for the right reasons, I have to declare.

Safaricom has announced the launch of a telecommunications lab in the country. And this appears to be the country’s inaugural telecommunications lab. This is making history!

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The functionality of the lab is diverse. Firstly, the lab will be an avenue to track deployment of new technology and technological solutions – call that a “fast track”. Asides from ensuring that the deployment will be on quick checks before implemented, it reduces the dangers that might be associated to using a new technology without undergoing the full test procedures.

Secondly, the lab will be a home to the tutelage of new intakes in the engineering field. Even those working on new technologies, it will be a form of making them entirely new stuffs in the technology field – oh so sweet!

The two purposes mentioned above are just few of the many advantages of the telecommunications lab. At present, 1Gigabit per second (Gbps) LTE-Advanced 4G technology is been worked on in the lab. This Gbps of the 4G LTE allows the accumulation of no more than five 4G carriers to undergo tests in the telecommunications lab.

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Although the telecommunications lab has been launched, it has not been completed and at the moment, in its first development phase.

In the last five years, Safaricom has put in place various measures to attract, retain and develop world-class local talent in the telecommunications sector,” said Thibaud Rerolle, Director-Technology, Safaricom.

He added, “The launch of this research and development lab, the first in the region, is a step towards shifting the country from simply being an importer of telecommunication solutions to one that also creates such solutions.”