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So you have now bought the Tecno Camon C8. The next logical step is to root Tecno Camon C8. For some people, rooting a phone is not the next logical step. For some others still, rooting a phone is out the question. But for people like me, rooting a phone is one of the things we have to do to our phones before we can confidently say we have a fully functional android phone.


The benefits of rooting a phone are so numerous I can’t understand why some users don’t like it. I guess it has to do with the inherent fear people have of things they barely understand. Rooting a phone opens up a whole world of possibilities. You can change your ROM to a custom ROM if your don’t like to stick to the ROM the phone came with. Rooting a phone also ensures that all apps that require root privileges would operate smoothly. The best of all, for me, is that I can make a backup of my Stock ROM and use it to flash the phone myself in case it bricks. I can even use the ROM to flash a similar phone too.

The benefits of rooting a phone are so numerous it would take more than a single column to explain them.

Lets go back to the issue at stake here:  to root Tecno Camon C8. Before we start you need to be aware of two things, first of all, rooting a phone voids the phone’s warranty and rooting the phone might result in damage to the phone. But damaging the phone while rooting a phone is so rare I have never seen it happen. And that is saying something because I have rooted all kinds of phones for all kinds of people successfully. Again, never try to update the phone’s software over the air (OTA), as this may brick the phone. Only use flashable ROMS for software updates.

So if you follow the steps carefully, to root Tecno Camon C8 won’t be much of a problem.
1. You need to download this zip file and then transfer the downloaded file to your SD card. But if your default download location is the SD card, then there is no need to transfer the file there since the rooting a phonedownloaded file is already there.

2. Next, just power off the phone and then boot it back into recovery. This is done by pressing and holding the volume up button and the power button simultaneously. Hold until the recovery mode screen comes on.

3. Note that to navigate in the recovery screen, the volume up button is used to navigate to your choice while the volume down button is used to make your selection. Just as you would click using a mouse.

4. In the recovery screen, choose the first option by pressing the volume down button. This will take you to the next screen. Navigate to the ‘apply update from memory card’ option with the volume up button or volume down button. Here confirmation is done by pressing the power button.

5. The next screen should take you to the file system of the phone. Navigate around it the normal way until you find the zip file you downloaded in step 1. Remember, the zip file is in the SD card. Select the zip rooting phonefile. The file will start flashing. So you need to wait a bit for it to finish.

6. How would you know that the flashing is completed? The phone will now go back to to the recovery screen. That’s how you would know.

7. In the recovery screen, just navigate to and select ‘reboot system now.’

That’s it. You have now rooted your Camon C8. You can now do all those interesting things only a rooted android phone will allow you to do.


    1. You are advised to only root your phone when it is necessary, yes if you should follow that guidelines accordingly, nothing will happen to your Tecno Camon C8

  1. I followed the steps but after powering off and on the phone it refused to display the recovery section,it just display no command with a danger sign.

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