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Ricoh South Africa has made the announcement about its intentions to push for business growth in Namibia. In the announcement, Ricoh South Africa intends to enter its new products into the Namibian market through print management and office automation firm Canocopy.

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It’s no surprise Canocopy is the medium through which Ricoh intends to introduce its new products; this is because Canocopy is the authorized distributor for Ricoh products and solutions in Namibia. It can however be said that Canocopy deserves this opportunity which I will let you know why. Ricoh SA released a statement in which Canocopy was named Ricoh SA’s Business Partner of the Year in 2016.

Jacques van Wyk, COO of Ricoh SA said the motive is to make the exposure of Ricoh solutions and products to be on a higher level of exposure to a whole new range of Namibian clients. This will not only increase Ricoh SA’s portfolio, but will also make the citizens of Namibia get more access to innovative solutions from Ricoh.

Apart from the office automation and printing products and services from Ricoh, Ricoh has stated that there will not be any added product to the portfolio. However, the company said “the full suite of office automation and printing products and services” as well as financial services and manufacturing services will be directed towards a larger market place in Namibia.

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The drive to continue remaining the leader in emerging trends within their industry is another reason for the move by Ricoh SA.

Ricoh’s business partner, Canocopy is believed to be have a larger client base following its integration into the Paratus Group, which took almost 18 months to pan out.

 “In the current economic climate, it is crucial to sustain the phenomenal growth of recent years. With our repositioning, we have gained direct access to a much wider client base and established business relationships, which will stimulate further growth,” said Managing Director of Canocopy, Werner Lassen.

Lassen also adds that there is a demand in Namibia for smart and integrated solutions coupled with not just reliable but experienced support, in which Ricoh SA ticks all boxes.