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Reddit has finally decided to do what other major social media forums have being doing for years. They just updated the site so that people can include embeddable codes. Basically, this means that you can now share Reddit posts or threads on a website just like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

reddit posts

The people most likely to benefit from these are online publishers and bloggers. This is good for Reddit in the sense that it would make the forum more popular. For a site with over 36 million user accounts (as at last year), it smacks of negligence that this feature took so long to implement. I mean in a world where Twitter, with an active user base of over 300 million, is considered a struggling platform, one wonders how the folks at Reddit still managed to survive.

Founded in 2005 in the US, Reddit is a social forum with a difference. They have their own special terminologies. If you are not used to the forum, ‘Reddit-speak‘ would leave you gaping like an idiot. The forum is basically like an online bulletin board. Registered users post contents like texts or links on subjects as diverse as anything you can possibly think of. Reddit posts can be about any topic under the sun; from the mundane to the very controversial. Every Reddit post is first submitted in the relevant sections known as subreddits. They only get to the home page depending on how popular they get. The number of positive votes a Reddit post gets determines if it is good enough for the front page.

No matter how they spin it, this new development was long over-due on a popular forum like Reddit. Before now, if an online publisher or blogger is interested in sharing some Reddit posts, the only option was to use a screenshots to point readers directly to the conversation. So expect to start seeing Reddit icons on popular websites beside Facebook’s and the rest. Very soon, I see that social media link section on websites becoming really crowded.

Speaking exclusively to Tech Crunch,  Mark Luckie, the head of journalism at Reddit believed that this new upgrade could be a way for online publishers and bloggers to give a more complete picture of what is happening on the Reddit link. This they can do by making comments and reactions of Reddit users a part of their write-ups.

The great thing about Reddit content is that it’s usually longer, it’s more insightful, more in-depth than you’ll see on other social platforms. You’re going to get a more robust conversation.”

reddit postsIn theory, the immediate benefit of these embeddable Reddit posts is, there will be more traffic to and from Reddit. Because users who feel like dropping a comment can now do so directly on the Reddit thread by just clicking the link. That action would take them to Reddit to join the conversation directly. This is way better than not being able to join the original thread in Reddit. Conversely, when ‘Redditors’ (the term for registered users of Reddit) noticed that their Reddit posts or threads have being posted on other sites, they might share those stories on Reddit itself. A very convenient method of backlinking a website. If it work like this in reality, this is one way for new sites and blogs to boost their traffic.

Embeddable Reddit Posts Equal More Ads

The online numbers game is always about the bottom line; more money in the bank. A cursory overview of the new feature points in the direction of the money Reddit is likely to make from it. It is simple really, when major websites and blogs embed links to Reddit posts on their sites, the number of daily visits to Reddit increases exponentially. More traffic to a page is an advertisers dream. This could also be an opportunity for the most popular redditors to monetize their threads on the website. This is a logical arrangement. After all, the Redditors with their contents/posts are directly responsibly for the increased traffic.


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