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Well, in my honest opinion, this is entirely out of it. Infringing on people’s privacy should be the least agenda on a country’s government priority list. It shouldn’t even be on the agenda at all. But then, welcome here.

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According to validated reports, the Kenyan Government may soon monitor the phone calls, text messages, and mobile money transactions of its citizens. The device they intend to use is what insiders call “black boxes” which will copy the data passing through these phones to another database.


I must say that if at all they have to monitor, it should be for some selected, suspected people. And if at all too they have to monitor all citizens, it shouldn’t be made public in the first place. That, alone might have made it defeat its purpose before they even started.

But then, why on earth is the Kenyan government doing this, or want to do this, knowing fully well that according to Kenyan’s constitution article 31, every person has the right to privacy, which includes the right not to have

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(a) their person, home or property searched;

(b) their possessions seized;

(c) information relating to their family or private affairs unnecessarily required or revealed; or

(d) the privacy of their communications infringed.

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The government surely cannot claim to be ignorant of the quoting of the constitution, rather, I think they decided to turn a blind eye to it. And as it is, or as it would be soon, the Kenyan people would be having the privacy of their communications infringed on.

Well, as you would have guessed right, many people have chosen to express their displeasure on the social media networks. This they have done with the hash tag #MobilePrivacyIsMyRight. So let’s see how well that’ll go.