Human - Robot marriage

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The emergence of technology and its high patronage in our world has really ease things up for us. Just like it has its advantages, there are disadvantages. I wouldn’t want to classify today’s prediction as a disadvantage but I still have my reservations. Technology might be shifting our focus from humans to robots, up to extent of havins sex with them and now, someone is predicting marriage to robots.

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Well, AI expert, Dr. David Levy believes that in the next 30 years or so, humans could actually end up marrying robots.

Human - Robot marriage
Human – Robot marriage

Quoting his words, he said, “We’re being forced to contemplate what human-robot relationships will be like a generation or two from now. As love and sex with robots becomes more commonplace, we should come face to face with the very real possibility of marriage with robots.”

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When robots are sufficiently human-like, sufficiently appealing socially, to the point where they can act as our companions, why not extend that companionship to marriage if neither party is against the idea?”

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This is actually a but weird but I guess a lot of people, me inclusive saw this coming when people started having sex with robots and sex toys. If you can have sex with it, then why not just marry it and continue making love with it till it dies – I don’t know if robots die too.

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I’ve been trying to picture a human – robot marriage and I just don’t get it. Can robots get pregnant? If they can, what would they give birth to, robots or humans? Or maybe half of both. How well would they connect with their owners, or husbands instead. Well, since this is just a prediction, we can only wait to see if it will actually come to fulfillment.


Over to you techies, can you marry a robot? And for what reason too?